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Work with us?

Skippers & Crew wanted

Would you like to be part of building the most awesome tour company in Norway?

We’re in a phase of growth, and in the next few years, we aim to transform from being a small player in the tourism industry, to one that defines the future of sustainable tourism. Not only in Norway, but the whole world out there is waiting for this, and we want you to join us on this exciting journey! There are many challenges, and we are not doing this because it’s easy, but because it’s difficult.

Who are we, and who travels with us?

Since our first trip to the Træna Music Festival in 2009, we have gradually built a brand and a name for ourselves, becoming a large family with all our guests, crew, partners, supporters and followers.

We organize trips, expeditions, and sailing courses – and we have both domestic and international participants and guests from all over the world. We have a small district office in Oslo, but it’s along the Norwegian coast – in Helgeland, Lofoten, Senja, Troms, Svalbard and in the Arctic – where the magic and action happens.

Objective and goals

SeilNorge lives and breathes to showcase the best of Norway to both Norwegians and international guests, in the best way possible and with the best people! With the sailboat as our base, we have unique access to the world’s most stunning nature, visiting our favorite spots and secret places. We use the coast as our main route, combining sailing with activities on land – from skiing and climbing to beach clean-ups, mountain hikes and festivals. Traveling with us means being active, learning something every day, and returning home with ever lasting memories and friendships.

Contact us

We have a continuous need for more great people for our operations, with no specific application deadlines. We assess applications continuously, so don’t wait! If you have any questions or wish to get in touch regarding any of the positions mentioned or with an open application, email us at

Getting to know you and building trust takes time, so reach out to us for a casual chat or join a sailing trip where we can get to know each other.

Whether you’re a competent skipper ready to dive right in, or you’re a sea woman or man, wanting to join a trip and learn what it takes, we’d love to hear from you.

Emil, founder of SeilNorge

Skipper Academy

Training Program for New Crew Members

Every year, we conduct an extensive skipper training program for all new crew members. It takes time to get acquainted and build trust, and to train together to reach the level we aim for. Throughout the week-long program at Skipper Academy, held in February along the Helgeland coast, we challenge ourselves from morning till night. For a week, the SeilNorge crew pushes themselves and each other to become even better sailors.


Skippers Wanted

To handle the world’s most rugged nature, our fantastic participants, and the sailboat along the way, we need skippers of the same calibre! The more points below you can check off, the more we’d like you to get in touch with us.

Can you check any of these off?

  • Do you dream of living close to and off the world’s most rugged nature?
  • Does sharing great nature experiences with others give you a thrill and immense joy?
  • Are you skilled with people and can be a clear and effective leader, even in challenging situations?
  • Do you have extensive experience with boating, boats, and sailboats, with solid experience in sailing trips?
  • Can you teach the art of sailing and navigation to others, or can you learn this?
  • Does it bring you joy and is it important for you to challenge, engage, and create mastery at various levels for our participants during the journey?
  • Do you love and know a lot about Northern Norway and Svalbard, or are you curious enough to learn about our areas, to learn to love them?
  • Do you love weather, wind and raw nature?
  • Do you have the official qualifications* in place or are willing to acquire them quickly (see specific requirements below)?
  • Are you willing to constantly challenge yourself as a sailor and skipper, continuously learning?
  • Do you share the company’s values and will you be loyal and contribute to our knowledge community among skippers and crew at SeilNorge?
  • Are you willing to train, practice and further develop yourself with us in our own Arctic Skipper Academy?

You must have:

  • Min. Leisure Boat Skipper’s Certificate D5L(A)
  • Basic safety course IMO50 or equivalent
  • Course in Passenger and Crisis Management
  • VHF / ROC certificate

Crew Members Wanted

We are always looking for more crew, on a mission-based basis. We have high standards for all our crew members.

You must have:

  • Extensive experience with boating, boats, and sailboats – preferably experience in both recreational and racing sailing.
  • Be adept with people and be a clear and effective leader even in challenging situations.
  • Possibly possess good knowledge of the areas we sail in.
  • In addition to being crew, a skipper, and an instructor, you may also need to do an effort as a guide with local knowledge, or at times, a cook. 🙂
  • Be able to teach the art of sailing, be a good instructor, and coach.
  • Be able to challenge, engage, and create mastery at various levels for our participants during the journey.
  • Be willing to constantly learn and challenge yourself as a sailor, crew member, and skipper.
  • Embrace Northern Norway, adore weather and raw nature, uphold the company’s values, and remain loyal to the company and the camaraderie among skippers and crew in SeilNorge.

We're here to answer your questions!

Feel free to contact us +47 412 97 900 if you have any questions or want to book a trip.