Reisevilkår og betingelser for seiltur med SeilNorge

Travel terms and conditions

We recommend that you read our travel conditions carefully before booking a trip. Contact us if something is not clear.

Please note that the terms below are part of the agreement you enter into with us when you sign up for a trip. Therefore, read the terms and conditions before signing up.

We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance in addition to your good travel insurance.


§ 1. Important / Special conditions

§ 1.1
SeilNorge arranges special trips and facilitates individual trips. SeilNorge relates to Act on Package Travel No. 57. 1995 with regulations and the general terms and conditions for Package Travel prepared by the Norwegian Travel Industry Association (DNR) in collaboration with the Consumer Ombudsman (FO).

Our trip production is based on nature-based experiences and activities that place special demands on both us as organizers and our participants. We set up itineraries where we use local subcontractors and use means of transport whose operation and regularity are sometimes affected by sudden and unpredictable changes. At sea, safety is always the focus, and without warning we may have to change planned sailings and find alternatives to keep guests and crew safe.

Our destinations are also more exposed to changing natural conditions than normal holiday destinations. All this requires flexibility in our production apparatus. These circumstances, however, mean that our descriptions of itineraries, trip content and times, as they appear in our material, from time to time have to be changed at short notice. Where we have the opportunity to do so, such changes will be announced before the conclusion of the agreement. But where the need for changes arises after booking, either before or after departure, we will, to the greatest extent possible, ensure that content/activities/destination/transport are as close as possible to the original, and within the same price range.

This uncertainty is therefore part of the “package” we offer. We will of course, with this caveat regarding certain changes as a starting point and part of the agreement, respect the rights the customers have under the Package Travel Act if the changes are of such a nature that the trip is nevertheless considered defective.

Our special production conditions have led to us having to have our own provisions on the size of the deposit, payment times, fees and cancellation against consideration in relation to the normal rules in the General Terms and Conditions for Package Travel, see below. The points below together with the information in the detailed program constitute our terms of agreement.

Om SeilNorge provides information about changes in routes, conditions etc. before purchasing the journey, this corrected information will replace corresponding points in the detailed programme. The agreement between the organizer and the customer is thus made up of these travel conditions, any corrected information and order confirmation.

Itineraries, travel times, timetables, day-to-day programs and other information on our website and/or price list are determined a long time in advance, preferably a year or more. This information may therefore be incorrect before the journey begins, or changes may occur after the journey has begun. Our itineraries are therefore to be considered provisional. In such cases, we as the organiser, in cooperation with local organisers, aim to replace the canceled or changed program with equivalent content of the same quality. Normally, such changes will be disclosed already when booking the trip, possibly as soon as we are aware of the matter.

As a trip operator, we do everything in our power to solve any problems that may arise. In extreme cases, a destination can be replaced by another at the last minute. Where external circumstances (“force majeure”) make it impossible to carry out the travel plan, this normally does not result in any reduction in the price of the trip.

Please note that our journeys involve dangers and accidents. As a customer, you must understand that participation is at your own risk. This element is far more prominent on our trips than on most other package trips. Our trip guides are experienced in our destinations and their instructions must be followed. If accidents or discomfort nevertheless occur, no liability can be held against the trip leader or us.

Our journeys often take place in a weather-prone area, and the journeys may be based on logistics that are vulnerable to bad weather, technical problems or simply accidents. This could mean, for example, that one does not make it to the planned journey home. In that case, we will help you to change the return time on the flight ticket, but we cannot guarantee that new tickets will be issued at no cost to you as a participant. The safety of the participants on the trips will always be the focus for our trip leaders and for us. If unexpected situations arise due to weather conditions, temperatures, illness etc. and this, according to the trip leader’s assessment of safety for all participants, makes it necessary to make changes to the trip after it has started, you are obliged to follow the changed plan.

Additional costs as a result of new tickets, transport costs, board and lodging etc. must be covered by you in that case. SeilNorge sometimes acts as an agent/intermediary for various suppliers and partners, and it is in those cases that these are the contractual partners. We therefore have no responsibility for the contractual delivery of the mediated services.

§ 2. Your responsibility

§ 2.1
Cancellation protection must/should be taken out at the same time as the trip is booked. If such protection has not been taken out, our usual cancellation rules in §5 apply. Any cancellation must be made in writing immediately after you become aware that the trip cannot be carried out. You yourself are responsible for contacting your insurance company.

§ 2.2

You are required to have taken out full sickness and accident insurance which will also cover any transport home.

§ 2.3
You yourself are responsible for checking that the travel documents received match your order.

§ 2.4
Some of our trips can be physically and technically demanding. You are therefore obliged to be in good enough physical and mental shape and well technically prepared on departure in relation to your trip. Contact SeilNorge for requirements for physical fitness and technical competence for your trip.

§ 2.5
You are responsible for keeping the organizer informed of any change of address so that information and travel documents arrive in time.

§ 2.6
You are obliged to keep yourself informed about departures and to comply with instructions given by the organiser, carrier, airport etc. on that occasion.

§ 2.7
You must follow the instructions, directions and orders given by the trip leaders during the journey.

§ 2.8
During the journey, you are obliged to comply with the rules and regulations issued by the authorities, the organizer or the organiser’s representatives, including the rules and regulations that may have been issued by the individual hotel, transporter etc.

§ 2.9
You must not act in such a way that it is a nuisance to the fellow travelers. If you grossly disregard your responsibilities and duties, you may be refused participation or excluded from the rest of the trip, without being able to claim reimbursement from the organizer. In the event of exclusion after the journey has begun, you may be required to bear the costs of the return journey yourself.

You can be made liable for damages if you deliberately or negligently cause the organizer losses, e.g. by not complying with the provisions mentioned above.

§ 2.10
SeilNorge assumes no responsibility for loss or inconvenience caused by the traveler’s own negligence.

§ 3. Booking/Deposit/Payment/Change

§ 3.1
Enrollment/booking of trips with SeilNorge must be done in writing or electronically, and is binding. The right to cancel the withdrawal period does not apply to reservation services. Delayed payment of the deposit and total amount is considered a material default, and gives SeilNorge right to cancel the order, but our claim to the deposit does not waive upon such cancellation and will be recovered if necessary.

§ 3.2
The invoice for the deposit, (normally NOK 6000), is issued by SeilNorge after registration is received and is due within 10 days. For courses/trips with a total amount of less than NOK 10000, the full amount is often invoiced upon registration and is due within 60 days. Half of this amount is then considered a deposit.

§ 3.3
Balance payment. The remaining amount of the trip (minus the deposit) must be SeilNorge in hand no later than 60 days before departure. In the case of any booking after this, the entire amount of the trip is due for payment within 10 days.

§ 3.4
Changes to the booking are possible for the trip within the same season, provided that the change can be carried out.

§ 4. Responsibility of SeilNorge

§ 4.1
When buying a package holiday, the Package Travel Act applies in Norway.

§ 4.2
SeilNorge undertakes to carry out an agreed program with itinerary and content in accordance with the issued travel description. However, reservations are made regarding circumstances beyond our control.

§ 4.3
On our sailing trips, a minimum number of participants is required for the trip to be completed. The minimum number of participants is normally five. If we do not achieve a minimum number, we can still often carry out the journey for an additional price. If we have to cancel the trip, the traveler will be notified of this no later than 30 days before departure, and the amount can be transferred to a different trip or the entire amount paid will be refunded.

§ 5. Cancellations and refunds

§ 5.1
Any cancellation must be made in writing, per mail or electronically.

Simply not paying the invoice(s) does not count as cancellation, you must send a written message (e-mail) and receive written confirmation from SeilNorge that the cancellation has been received.

Cancellation date is considered the date the cancellation arrives SeilNorge in her. If a cancellation deadline falls on a public holiday or public holiday, any cancellation must be received on the nearest normal working day before this.

§ 5.2
Refunds in case of cancellation of a trip take place according to the following rules: If the trip is canceled more than 60 days before departure, the deposit is forfeited. If canceled between 59 and 30 days before departure, 50% of the trip’s total amount is lost. If canceled less than 30 days before departure, 100% of the total sum of the trip is lost.

§ 5.3
In the event of non-appearance on the day of departure, no refund will be given, regardless of the reason, and any claims must be made to the relevant insurance company.

§ 6. Complaints/Disputes

§ 6.1
If you believe that there is an error/deficiency with the trip, you must raise this with the tour leader immediately. If the error/shortcoming is not rectified and you wish to advertise the trip when you return home, a written, reasoned complaint must be sent to SeilNorge.

§ 6.2
If there is a disagreement about the understanding of the above travel conditions, this can be brought before a dispute resolution body. Each lawsuit must be governed by Norwegian law.

§ 6.3
We reserve the right to print errors in the detailed program and price list, as well as on our website.

§ 7. Rights and permissions in connection with marketing and image use

§ 7.1
On or after some of our trips, photos may be published on social media, and here participants may be recognized and/or mentioned by first name. SeilNorge also uses travel photos actively in its marketing communications. If you do not wish to take part in such photos, this must notify at the latest before departure.

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