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Scotland, the Faroe Islands and Shetland

Medieval castles, green valleys and exciting history

Our trips to and from Scotland

Join us on this extraordinary voyage through history and breathtaking landscapes! Explore medieval castles, charming towns, and ancient archaeological sites as we sail through the scenic waters of Scotland, the Faroe Islands, and Shetland. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the destinations, all while enjoying the comfort on board Valiente, on our sailing adventure. 


In the late summer after we have left Svalbard, we embark on a journey from Iceland to Scotland, and on the second leg, we turn our bow north again, heading back to the motherland of Norway via Shetland.

On both trips we visit places with a lot of history, and we sail between medieval castles, small villages and green hills with a rugged coastline as a backdrop. We look forward to sharing experiences and stories with you!

Faroe Islands

On the trip from Iceland to Scotland, we make a stop in the capital of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn. This charming city may look like a set from the latest Hollywood film about the Vikings. 

The old town is well-preserved, with narrow streets lined with brown-painted timber houses topped with turf and grass on the roof. Tórshavn is a vibrant city, and we spend some time exploring what this historic place has to offer.


In the fjords of Shetland, we will see how our time unfolds and how we spend it, but we will try to visit the capital, Lerwick. Here, we witness the influence of our Norse ancestors, and the Shetlanders are noticeably more Norse than other Scots. If time and weather permit, we attempt to make a stop at the archaeological excavations at Jarlshof. This is where it is believed that the first settlers arrived in Shetland around 5000 to 6000 years ago. On our journey back to Norway, we will also visit the Orkney Islands and Fair Isle.

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