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(Last updated 16 November 2022)

This privacy policy describes why and how Seil Norge AS (“SN” and “we”) as data controller collects, uses and handles data about visitors to this website – and what rights the visitors have.

The general manager of SN has overall responsibility for the processing of personal data on this website.

What kind of information do we collect?
SN receives, stores and processes information that visitors register on our website, including the name, e-mail address and telephone number they enter in forms on the pages – and other personal data they possibly send us via forms and messages on the pages.

We also use various software tools to measure and collect anonymized information about how visitors use the site, for example in the form of the length of visits, which subpages are visited, what type of devices and which countries the visits come from, and more.

How do we collect the information?
When you fill in a form and/or send us a message on our website, the information you provide is stored and used to be able to answer the inquiry and/or perform the services you ask for.

The information will be deleted when there is no longer a need for it, for example because the inquiry has been answered and any services you request have been delivered/performed. The information will not be used for other purposes.

Why do we collect personal data?
We collect both anonymised and non-anonymised personal data on our website as a natural and necessary part of our business activities, which consist of obtaining and carrying out operational, administrative and related tasks in the best possible way. Among other things through being able to;
– Respond to questions and inquiries about our services from potential customers or partners
– Sending newsletters or other information to stakeholders who want this
– Assist existing customers with technical or other required assistance
– Use anonymized statistical data about how the website is used so that we and our partners can improve the page, the content and the user experience – and can target customized ads to visitors and potential visitors.

How do we store, use, share and delete visitors’ personal data?
Our websites are hosted on a WordPress platform. The data our users leave on the site can be stored through WordPress data storage, databases and applications. The data is then stored on secure servers behind a firewall.

Information visitors provide in forms or messages on our website is routed as e-mail to the e-mail address flaskepost@seilnorge.no an e-mail account owned and managed by SN.

The data we receive is used by relevant persons in SeilNorge to answer the inquiries and requests, or to perform the services requested by the users. The e-mails are deleted when they have been answered and/or the services requested by the users have been completed/delivered.

Our partners, for example in development, operation, content production and marketing of the website, can be given access to all user data we receive via our website. In that case, they are to be considered data processors for SN as data controller, and the data processing is regulated by data processing agreements between SN and the individual collaboration partner.

SN can provide or otherwise allow access to your personal data in accordance with a statutory request, e.g. subpoena, legal proceedings, search warrant or court order, or in accordance with applicable law, if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so, with or without notice to you.

How do we communicate with visitors to our website?
In order to answer inquiries and questions and perform any services visitors request via forms and messages on our website, we use information in the contact information they have registered, e.g. e-mail, SMS or telephone. Visitors to our website can also contact us via the contact information below.

How do we use cookies and other measurement tools?

SN websites use cookies, which are small text files that are stored on the visitor’s device. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can change the settings in your browser to avoid this.

Users can block cookies via the browser settings. The procedure varies in the different browsers.

What kind of cookies do we use?
We use cookies that are installed on our websites by WordPress and used plugins, to give you as a user a better and more relevant experience here. 

SeilNorge uses the statistics system Google Analytics to obtain anonymized information about traffic on the website. We do this in order to analyse the use of the pages and be able to improve functionality, content and user experiences. No information about individual users appears.

How can visitors change or withdraw their consent?

Visitors have the right to access, change and, in certain cases, delete personal data or limit the processing that applies to them. They can also object to the processing, and can withdraw any consent to the processing of their personal data at any time.

Requests for access must be given in writing. We will respond as soon as possible, and no later than one month after receiving the inquiry, unless special circumstances make this difficult.

We strive to process the users’ personal data in accordance with the applicable personal data protection law, but cannot rule out errors. Visitors who become aware of incorrect or unwanted processing, or wish to withdraw their consent, are asked to contact us so that we can change or delete the information.

Visitors who have questions or requests about viewing, changing or deleting personal data registered about them should address this to flaskepost@seilnorge.no or via physical mail to our postal address below.

Visitors who believe that we process personal data in breach of the legislation can complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Updates to the privacy policy
This privacy policy will be reviewed and assessed regularly, and may be updated at any time with immediate effect for the changes. Visitors are therefore encouraged to visit it often. 

Seil Norge AS (Organization number 995785773)
Himmelblåveien 67, 8985 Ylvingen
Email: flaskepost@seilnorge.no 
Phone: + 47 41 29 79 00

SeilNorge use the following systems for data processing

SeilNorge’s public web pages (SeilNorge.no, sailnorway.com etc.) are built on WordPress, with custom developed themes. Our websites are hosted, delivered and maintained by Kinsta. Forms are used which may include personal information such as name, e-mail, company information and telephone number. All forms used on the website store information in the system, and collected information is deleted as soon as the purpose of the collection is no longer valid.

SeilNorge also use a self-developed CMS in the customer area seilnorge.no and sailnorway.com.

Logging in SeilNorge’s systems
All IP addresses are logged in connection with visits to websites hosted by SeilNorge. Our developers and service staff have access to logs with IP addresses for one week. The logs will then remain in our backup systems for up to 6 months, to which only our operations technicians have access. These logs, including the visitors’ IP addresses, are important information to be able to stop data attacks and maintain good security on our websites.

G Suite/Google Workspace
We use G Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Sheets, Meet) for communication, storage of documents, files, appointments. This includes contracts and agreements, offers, work documents, contacts, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, names. SeilNorge has its own data processor agreement with Google Inc, USA.

We use MailChimp and Hubspot for sending newsletters. Names, e-mail addresses, preferences and interactions with newsletters are stored here. It is easily possible to unsubscribe from newsletters or update information. SeilNorge has its own data processor agreement with MailChimp Inc, USA and Hubspot Inc, USA.

We use Hubspot for customer follow-up, sales and market information. Names, e-mail addresses, communication and e-mail, time of events are stored here. SeilNorge has its own data processing agreement with Hubspot Inc, USA.

Google AdWords
SeilNorge uses Google AdWords for search engine marketing. In order to target and improve our marketing through Google AdWords, information about the following actions is sent to Google AdWords:
Started registration on seilnorge.no and sailnorway.com
Completed registration on seilnorge.no and sailnorway.com
Orders on seilnorge.no and sailnorway.com

Google Analytics
SeilNorge uses Google Analytics for web statistics on our public websites. Google Analytics collects information about visits and usage statistics on our websites using javascript. Google Analytics is configured not to collect personal data, including anonymizing IP addresses. SeilNorge has its own data processing agreement with Google Analytics.

Facebook Messenger
SeilNorge uses Facebook Messenger for internal communication. Facebook Messenger is a messaging system that stores the information that is exchanged. This may include personal data, and is searchable and available for SeilNorge’s employees.

Facebook pixels
We use the Facebook pixel to see user behaviour originating from Facebook. With this information, we can measure traffic from Facebook, achieve more targeted communication through Facebook and measure conversions from Facebook ads. The information is not used to identify individuals, but to segment our target groups. Through this implementation, Facebook will have access to see the user pattern of a person who has clicked onto our website from Facebook. For more information on how Facebook processes and protects this information, see Facebook’s data policy.

SeilNorge uses 24SevenOffice for accounting, timekeeping and payroll. The system stores personal information about employees, customer and company information in connection with the invoicing of services. SeilNorge has its own data processing agreement with 24SevenOffice, Norway.

SeilNorge uses PowerOffice for accounting, timekeeping and payroll. The system stores personal information about employees, customer and company information in connection with the invoicing of services. SeilNorge has its own data processing agreement with PowerOffice, Norway.

SeilNorge uses Stripe for payment. Stripe stores information about bank and card payments. SeilNorge has its own data processing agreement with Stripe Inc, USA.

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