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Bustling life in the sea and a magical green display in the sky! 

Sailing in winter is magical

Sailing in the winter is pure magic. While the winter in the North of Norway can be dark and cold, it also unveils a bustling marine world and a captivating light show. The days are an eternal sunset, and at night, the Northern Lights grace the skies with their graceful dance. The sea is teeming with whales, making it a photographer’s dream. 

Together with unique, rugged experiences, this is our focus on our winter sailings. As winter transitions into spring, the snow blankets the landscape, and we start our Ski & Sail season — a concept where we sail amidst fjords and mountains, and start the ski adventures right from the water’s edge.

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Northern Lights Trips & Whale Watching

First, a month of contrasting sunrises and sunsets, followed by the darkness where the moon and Northern Lights guide our way. And there, in the heart of nature’s forces, amidst the breathtaking lights, accompanied by playful whales, we find ourselves. 

Our dark season trips take you to the very epicenter of the spectacular Northern Lights, and along the way, we visit historic fishing villages amidst raw and authentic nature. We’ll feel the waves, the sea spray on our faces, and the creeping darkness—we’ll feel alive.

The whole trip was a great experience! It was nice to travel alone without knowing anyone, and meeting a group of such lovely people. The skippers were incredibly skilled, and they always had a smile on their faces. It was great to experience the raw landscape, the northern lights and get so close to whales! SeilNorge delivers a wonderful and genuine experience, which I will remember for the rest of my life!

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