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Highlands, lava, volcanoes and mighty fjords

Expedition to the volcanic island of Iceland

In the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean lies the volcanic island of Iceland, with its hot springs and dramatic scenery, a republic located on an island just south of the Arctic Circle. Iceland does not border any other countries, and the nearest countries are Greenland, Norway and Great Britain.

The country consists highlands, lava areas, volcanoes, lush agricultural villages, fantastic coasts and fjords with mighty mountains and glaciers.

The adventure starts here

On our expeditions to and from Iceland, we visit Ísafjörður, a cozy little fishing village at the very north-west tip of Iceland. Here we find care for both body and soul in the city’s hot and cold pools.

As night falls, we may anchor in the secluded Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, away from the bustle of civilization.

From there, the route runs along the west coast of Iceland where we pass exciting places to go ashore, from the picturesque town of Stykkisholmur to the mystical Snæfellsnes Peninsula. We sail past Reykjaneshalvøya, perhaps there is still volcanic activity here on Fagradalsfjell? Then the trip goes to Pridrangar lighthouse where we make a memorable stop at Vestmannaeyjar, situated in the southernmost tip of Iceland.

Expeditions to and from Iceland

FAQ Iceland

Climate and environment in Iceland

Iceland has a coastal climate, which balances between cold polar currents and the warm Gulf Stream. Summers are cool, and winters are mild. The average temperature in Reykjavík is +0,4°C in January and 12,5°C in July. The average for the whole year is 5,5°C. The northern coast and most of the interior have a tundra climate.

What is the population of Iceland?

The country has just under 370.000 inhabitants (as of 2022), and more than half live in the area in and around the vibrant capital city of Reykjavík.

Sail to and from Iceland

På sykkeltur på Island. Foto Tina Borge Kvalsvik
On a bike tour in Iceland. Photo Tina Borge Kvalsvik.

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