Lyngen & Finnmark

World famous ski destination

Lyngen, a world famous skiing destination

We sail further north towards the end of the ski season. The days are longer and we sail northwards to make the most out of the daylight and the last- and best snow. Lyngen, here we come!

The Lyngen Alps – the ultimate classic

The ultimate classic for ski touring in Norway is Lyngsalpene, the Lyngen alps. Skiers from all over the world come here to ski down the many untouched, snow-covered slopes that stretch all the way down to the shores of the Lyngen fjord. And in the midst of it all, you’ll find SeilNorge sailboats filled with happy skiers. It couldn’t get any better than this!

The ski season starts early by the Lyngen fjord. Already during the dark season, the most enthusiastic skiers get here. We start when the sun has returned, offering long, beautiful days outdoors with plenty of snow and daylight. Late March, April and May are considered the best times for skiing in the Lyngen alps. Here you can enjoy the sun, great snow conditions and pleasant temperatures.

Ski touring under the Midnight Sun

In May, you can go skiing under the midnight sun, with daylight around the clock, and most places still have excellent snow conditions. In addition, you can enjoy the sight of the midnight sun reflecting in the fjord.

The mountains in Lyngen is a landscape tailormade for skiing. Alpine, off-piste, randonnée, and freeriding – you can ride down more than 1000 meters high mountains right to the shore, with fantastic powder and breathtaking views of fjords and peaks. And while the sailboat is at anchor, the captain is shuttling back and forth to bring you to the best slopes and spots. That’s when you’re in ski touring heaven!

FAQ Lyngen & Finnmark

How do I get to the starting point?

Most of our Ski & Sail tours to Lyngen start and end in Tromsø. A couple of tours start or end in Alta. You can get to Tromsø by plane, boat, bus, car, bicycle, or by foot 🙂

You can fly with SAS or Norwegian.

Hurtigruten sails from Bergen to Tromsø.

What is the weather like in Finnmark at this time?

Throughout our season in Lyngen and Finnmark, the daylight returns in full force! That means we have long, bright days, and if the sun is warm, you can even ski in a t-shirt at the end of the season! But we’re far north, so don’t forget your thermal underwear and warm clothes, even though the sun is high in the sky most of the day.

Why are the Lyngen Alps world famous?

The Lyngen Alps are considered the top spot for winter ski climbs in Norway. This is because of the combination of steep mountains next to fjords. The highest peak is called Jiehkkevárri, and rises 1834 metres above sea level.

Lyngen is also one of Norway’s top destinations for mountain biking and offers a lot of different activities all year round. But it is during the winter, when the Lyngen Alps are dressed in white and transformed into a skiing paradise, that it shines the brightest!

We’re going to immerse ourselves in the area using the best mode of transportation – sailboats.

When is the best time to ski in Lyngen?

Late March, April, and May usually offer enough snow and daylight, making this the best time for skiing in Lyngsalpene. 

And if you’re not tired of snow in May, we take advantage of the last bit of the season, skiing, while the sun shines high from morning till night.

What skiing and sailing in Lyngen & Finnmark looks like

Ski & Sail Lyngen

Film by our partner Helly Hansen & Bård Basberg

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