In search of untouched snow in desolate mountains. One of our more advanced Ski & Sail concepts!

Ski & Sail Finnmark and Lyngen, Northbound
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Spring here in the far north is a wonderful time. The sun is high in the sky almost around the clock, the mountains sparkle with their snow-covered peaks and the sea shines in its deep blue! The nature we visit at Ski & Sail Finnmark and Lyngen is spectacular and untouched. We start skiing at the beach and go touring in world-class alpine mountains. With a sea view you hardly find anywhere else in the world. 

From Tromsø to Alta

This tour is dedicated to the glaciated peaks in Finnmark and the alpine summits and sharp ridgelines of Lyngen. The tour starts in Tromsø and ends in Alta, and is among our most advanced Ski & Sail tours. The Lyngen Alps, Kågen, the Øksfjord peninsula and into the Altafjord, are some of the northernmost mountains in Norway and Europe and we meet few other people here. On the trip, we will sail many nautical miles and ski many meters of altitude. We can think about being tired and tired when we get home!

Untouched snow in wild Finnmark

On this trip, we want to get challenged! In this area we have so many mountains around us that we don’t know where to start… We sail around 3-5 hours most afternoons to get to the next ski mountain. Taking advantage of the long, bright evenings here in the north. In April and May, the snow can often be more stable and we can find dry snow up towards the peaks. Though this part of the season often offers more spring snow. Timed right with the sun, we can ski down again on perfect slush! And if conditions permit, we can challenge ourselves on steeper terrain.

A normal day at Ski & Sail

We arrange all our Ski & Sail trips with a skipper and a ski guide per boat. We plan to go skiing every day, but of course according to weather and conditions. If it’s windy and snowing one day, and the mountains are not tempting, we hoist sails and leave behind some of the nautical miles we’re going to cover. If someone wants a break day during the trip, that is also completely allowed! After ski touring and summit climbs during the day, we spend the afternoon sailing to the next port or anchorage and prepare for a new peak for the next day.

With open groups on board

On most of our Ski & Sail trips, we sail two or more boats in tandem, depending on the number of people registered. With several boats, we try to divide into boat teams and ski groups according to skill level, wishes and prior experience. We also often set up two different trips of different lengths per skiing day. So you can choose whether you want to go on the long or short trip that day. With open groups onboard, there will of course be different experience levels in each group, but we quickly become a good team on board and we are all flexible!

A little less ambitious?

This trip is one of our more advanced Ski & Sail trips. If you are less experienced with summit hiking and skiing, we recommend that you check out our tours in Lyngen or Lofoten:

  1. Ski & Sail Lyngen, 5 days
  2. Ski & Sail Lyngen, 7 days
  3. Ski & Sail Lofoten, 5 days

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Ski & Sail movie, Lyngen

Film clips from Ski & Sail in Finnmark and Lyngen, filmed by Helly Hansen & Bård Basberg.

I had a wonderful experience with SeilNorge from Alta to Tromsø. This is where the Ski & Sail concept really comes into its own when exploring untouched areas far from built-up areas and roads. In addition to the great nature experiences we had with skis on our feet, it was a wonderful natural experience to sail from one ski destination to another! I'd be happy to take the trip with you SeilNorge again!

Bård Basberg, Ski & Sail Lyngen


Day 1: Ship o'hoi - we meet and cast off

Welcome on board! We meet at the dock in Tromsø at 16:00, check into the sailboat and get to know each other. Before we hoist the sails, we go through the boat & equipment, and our safety routines on board. We set our course out off Tromsøsundet and Grøtsundet already this first evening on our way to the first anchorage. We prepare supper when we have left, but please eat before we meet if possible.

Day 2: First summit!

After an early breakfast, we take the dinghy ashore and start the adventure’s first ski tour! We aim for some of the peaks on the way north from Tromsø, and have nice options both on Ringvassøya and Reinøya. Or perhaps Ullstinden at 1093 meters above sea level will be the trip’s first goal? After skiing on land, we sail towards Lyngen and find a suitable place for our next ski the next morning.

Day 3: Nord-Lenangen and the Lyngen Alps

The northern tip of the Lyngen peninsula is a great starting point for several of the peaks in the Lyngen Alps. Weather and conditions and our ambitions on board determine which trip we decide for this day. Storgalten is one option, where we can go to the top from the west side, ski down the opposite side of the mountain and be picked up by the boat on the east side of the Lyngen peninsula. Starting on one side of the mountain and being picked up on the other side is one of the best things about Ski & Sail. A real kickstart to the adventure!

Day 4: Uløya, Kågen or Arnøya

The islands around the Lyngen peninsula are probably as spectacular as the famous mountains on the peninsula itself. However these islands are mostly just reachable by boat. On Arnøya, Uløya or Kågen we will surely find a mountain with good snow and few tracks! Well down again from today’s ski touring, we sail further east into Finnmark. Where we drop anchor in a sheltered bay and enjoy the evening.

Day 5-6: Ski touring in the fjords around Øksfjordjøkelen

The large peninsula around the Øksfjord glacier is a rather inaccessible eldorado for summit ski tours, and by boat we can actually access all of this terrain! These days we will be enjoying the fjords here; Reinfjord, Bergsfjord or Øksfjord, maybe we’ll even get all the way up on the glacier. If the skipper’s in a good mood, you can hope that she’ll drop you off in one fjord and pick you up in the next!

Day 7: Stjernøya and Altafjorden

Last day of skiing, we find a suitable peak on our way towards Alta. We have good alternatives at the entrance to Langfjorden or perhaps we try out Stjernøya. After a few good hours of skiing in the mountains, we head into the Altafjord to the final stop of the adventure. We eat dinner either en route or at the dock in Alta. And wonder if the local pub is open tonight?

Day 8: Thanks for the trip!

We wake up at the dock in Alta, have breakfast and pack and wash ourselves out of the boat. The trip ends at 10:00. The airport is not far from the pier, but feel free to add some wiggle room when you book your journey home. Thank you for this time!

Changes to the program

The program is an indication of what the days will look like. Though it might change according to weather and snow conditions. We start each day with a good breakfast and pack lunch before we go out ski touring. Some days we eat dinner straight after skiing. Other days we just eat a little when we get down to the boat again, and sail further before we cook a later dinner. Some days we put in time to fish, or time to look around. Should the weather be really bad for skiing in the mountains, we do a sailing day or something else fun, instead!

What is included?

  • A trip experience with sailboat – experienced skipper and guide with local knowledge on board
  • Guided backcountry skiing trips every day
  • Small groups – 6 participants per ski guide
  • All food you eat on board during the trip
  • Our Comfort Package which consists of accommodation onboard in a shared double cabin (bunk or double bed) with a ready-made bed (warm and nice duvets and pillows!)
  • An environmentally friendly, local, sustainable, unique, exotic and exclusive Norwegian adventure holiday
  • A shared experience and friendship with like-minded adventurers from around the world
  • A lot of time outdoors – raw and honest nature experiences
  • Use of our shared equipment: dinghies, kayaks, fishing equipment, etc. when possible
  • All boat-related costs such as diesel, propane and harbor fees
  • Personal safety equipment; Helly Hansen inflatable lifejacket
  • Instruction, advice, guidance and practical training in boating and sailing

What is not included?

  • Travel to and from the start/end location
  • Ski and avalanche equipment (beacon, shovel, probe)
  • Personal goodies for the evening and hiking snacks for excursions on land
  • Optional meals at a cafes/restaurants during the trip
  • Entrance to galleries, museums, or other alternative activities that you/we may come up with
  • Rental of equipment, transport or activities from external operators if you want to do things outside the program
  • Drinks such as wine, beer or exclusive apple juice and other luxuries (yes, we drink beer and wine on board, bring your own)
  • Travel insurance and/or cancellation insurance – (up to you, but recommended!)

Important info

Departure and arrival

This trip starts in Tromsø and ends in Alta. 

You find more information on travel, equipment and other tips under Practical info.

Safety and risk on Ski & Sail trips

For ski touring on land, we keep the same high focus on safety. On the first skiing day, we go through avalanche awareness, use of our avalanche equipment and the necessary search and rescue techniques. Many factors determine the safety of a ski touring trip, where us, the human factor, is the triggering factor in most accidents in the mountains. Good planning, awareness of the weather and avalanche risk, and a coherent group are important. In addition, it is crucial that you listen to the guide and follow his instructions in the mountains.

Backcountry skiing in the mountains involves a certain amount of risk, as does sailing. However, as an operator, with our highly skilled and trained skippers and ski guides, we do everything we can to minimize the risk in a professional manner. We all benefit from that, as we have nobody to lose.

Level of our Ski & Sail trips

On all of our Ski & Sail trips you must have some previous experience with ski touring and skiing in general. You must have done some ski touring before and you need to bring your own touring equipment. Having said that, we mostly have open groups on our Ski & Sail trips, with participants at different levels. We usually sail several boats together and divide into boat teams and ski groups based on previous experience, skill level and individual expectation, as best we can.

Our various Ski & Sail concepts are on a slightly different level. The shorter trips in Lofoten and Lyngen are less advanced, while the longer departures as in Lyngen and Finnmark and the Ski & Sail expeditions on Svalbard, are more advanced.
Read more about our various Ski & Sail concepts here.

On some selected departures, we set up a specific beginner’s boat. Feel free to ask us about availability for this and which tour might suit you!

Snow conditions

We have locally known guides onboard, that is experts in finding the best snow for us to ski at any condition throughout the season. What is certain about the snow conditions here in northern Norway, is that it’s usually very varied. Often with several types of snow on each single mountain, from fluffy powder or hard packed slabs to spring crust or slush. Depending on the season, how far into the fjords we sail, and of course exposition and height above sea level. We plan the skiing trips along the way based on the latest updated knowledge of the snow conditions and local forecasts.

If we are somewhere without less good snow, we sail to where the better snow is! With the sailboat, we are flexible in finding the best snow, and this can mean that we can go to places that are not on the program or that we ourselves may not have tested beforehand. Then it’s extra exciting and a true adventure for all of us!

Equipment and packing - Ski & Sail

Normal ski touring equipment is required for this trip: Skis with touring bindings and skins (alternatively split board), touring boots and poles. Ski crampons are highly recommended, and mandatory for split board, as this is always needed at some point during a week in our coastal Norwegian mountains. Furthermore standard avalanche equipment is mandatory for everyone to bring: beacon, shovel and probe (this can be rented from us if needed).

On our open Ski & Sail trips, boot crampons and ice axe (or further mountaineering equipment) is usually not needed, except on our Ski & Sail expeditions in Svalbard. More about this in the info-letters you receive after booking.

Avalanche equipment can be rented through us and ski equipment can be rented through our partners, but our best experience is that you bring your own equipment from home. Without too short transfers, flying with a ski bag these days is often as easy as with any other checked in luggage with most airlines.

Read more and see our packing tips here:

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