A little longer and a little rougher

A little longer and a little rougher

On our expeditions, we sail further and in rougher waters than on many of our other trips. We’re talking about crossing the Barents Sea, sailing around Svalbard and heading to Greenland and Iceland.

During our expeditions, we have ambitious sailing plans, and we’re on the move around the clock, making the most of the midnight sun. Along the way, we stop and launch the dinghy for exploration and hiking on land.

Arctic Expedition with SeilNorge

On an expedition with us, we’re underway with the boat and on land around the clock. On board, we have everything we need for the entire journey because in the Arctic wilderness, there’s no opportunity for resupplies. Often, there’s no mobile coverage either, but it’s something all of us on board appreciate, and it’s something you’ll long for once the trip is over. Perhaps we’ll come across an occasional boat here and there, but primarily it’s us, the ocean, the wildlife, the universe and the sun, shining around the clock.

Valiente, Our Expedition Boat

We don’t use just any sailboat for these trips; we have our 70-foot expedition boat, Valiente. She’s an extremely sturdy and comfortable steel boat designed for sailing in Arctic waters. The boat is well-equipped with spacious outdoor areas, a wheelhouse and a salon with 360-degree views.

Welcome aboard for an exclusive journey to places and areas few others get to experience!

This trip is one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. The adventures and impressions kept coming one after another. The intensity and frequency of something new all the time are almost overwhelming. I still find it hard to put it all into words; it’s simply wild and absolutely amazing to get so close to nature and everything it brings with it.

Marie, Around Svalbard

FAQ Expedition

What does it mean to go on an expedition?

On our expedition trips, we cross stretches of the sea over several days and/or sail into areas far from civilization, with extra risky elements like sea ice and less accurate sea charts. We practice on these additional challenges with our crew members throughout the year. 

We only sail in these areas during the most optimal seasons, using larger and robust boats that are both equipped and designed to handle these types of expedition trips and waters exceptionally well. We’re crystal clear that sailing is the safest and most accessible way to visit these highly remote places. And when we sail across a stretch of ocean, with new land on the horizon, that’s when we truly feel like genuine adventurers!

SeilNorge’s Expedition Year

We kick off our expedition year in late April by setting sail from Norway, Tromsø, and crossing the Barents Sea to reach Svalbard, Longyearbyen. Along the way, we visit Bjørnøya, a place that very few have had the chance to explore. In May, we have Ski & Sail trips in Svalbard, followed by expeditions heading further north, up to the ice edge, before circumnavigating Svalbard. In August, we sail over to Greenland and then on to Iceland. Afterward, it’s time for an ocean crossing to Scotland before returning to Norway in October.

What do I need to pack on an expedition?

We have lots of good packing advice – and send you a thorough packing list before each departure. See our expedition packing list here.

What About Climate & Footprint in the Arctic?

The Arctic is a vulnerable area facing pressure from human activity and climate change. At SeilNorge, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact as much as possible. We believe that small boats with few people and minimal pollution and waste are far less harmful to the environment, climate, and local wildlife than larger vessels and cruise ships. We also make an effort to clean up trash at the places we visit instead of leaving anything behind. On Jan Mayen, Svalbard and Greenland, we follow AECO’s guidelines for wildlife encounters, beach cleanups, cultural heritage sites and for visitors and operators in the Arctic. You can read more about AECO’s guidelines here.

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