SeilNorge is Norway’s leading organizer of sailing trips, expeditions and courses

SeilNorge is the country’s leading organizer of inspiring sailing courses, sailing trips and expeditions. We sail between islands, fjords, mountains and the open oceans to see, experience and learn. With the wind as our friend, we play in the water, on the fjord, around the many islands and high up in the mountains. We combine sailing with mountain and summit tours, kayaking, fishing, Norwegian food culture, festivals, skiing, glacier hiking and much more!

Memories for life

We have chosen what we love as our occupation – experiencing nature first hand with likeminded people on a sailboat. Our biggest motivation in SeilNorge is to give our guests life-lasting memories. These memories can be formed in experiences that are close and personal or spectacular and magnificent. After a trip with us you’ll be coming home with new friends and experiences and most important, new memories

The sailboat is our home

Traveling by boat gives us great freedom. We can do what we want every day, whether it’s long journeys, short journeys or staying on shore if that’s best. We have the opportunity to discover new and remote places, learn about local cultures or just sail all day for fun. 

We love sailing. For us it’s not only the art of trimming the sails and handling the boat as best as possible. It’s also the freedom to explore the changing possibilities the four seasons gives us. It can be summit tours and skiing in the winter, and hiking, climbing and swimming in the summer.

We want to inspire, engage and challenge

We have a wide variety of sailing courses, sailing trips and expeditions. Our seasoned skippers and crews will make sure it’s all suitable for everyone. Everyone, from beginners who have never been on board a sailboat before, to seasoned sailors who want to take part in expeditions in new waters will find something for them.

Joining us you will get the opportunity to challenge yourselves, regardless of ability. We love sailing because of the possibilities to challenge oneself and get the rewarding feeling of mastery afterwards. We take pride in creating a safe and secure arena for trial and error, challenge and mastery. Whether it is at the helm of the boat, in crampons on a glacier, skiing down a mountainside or with a camera at the top of the mast, you will return home as a happier, more experienced and more confident person.

Our story

Our history goes back to 2008 when the founder Emil took his best friends to Helgeland for a sailing adventure. They quickly agreed that the unique nature and culture of the region was something they should share with others, and SeilNorge was born. Based on sailing they created a sustainable and active way of traveling between destinations and gain new experiences.

The summer trips to and from the Træna Music Festival quickly became very popular, and more and more trips and destinations were added, both summer and winter. Today, the company has grown well with 8 full-time employees, a fleet of several boats, and an increasing number of committed and knowledgeable skippers, crew and guides.

Whether you traveled with us in the early days or are about to embark on your first trip, our goal is the same; we give you the best of (Northern?) Norway while you learn to sail along the way!

Our philosophy

The beauty of traveling by sail and the wind is that you experience the world on nature’s own terms. That is why we always come back to the ocean. When we are surrounded by nature and the framework that sustains all life, we get a strong feeling of connection with ourselves and the world we live in.

On a trip with SeilNorge you will get this experience in one of the most beautiful and wild places on earth. For us it is important to do what we can to take care of our environment and what’s left of unspoiled nature on our planet. Our philosophy is simple; respect and understanding of nature and its value is built and maintained with unforgettable experiences and moments. That’s why we sail – and that’s why we invite you along for the ride.

We're here to answer your questions!

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