The Helgeland coast, the world’s most beautiful coast!

Thousands of islands

Helgeland is situated in the middle of Norway, in the southern part of the county Nordland. You find both towering mountains that reach nearly 2,000 meters above sea level, and thousands of islands with a unique coastal culture that is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. On Helgeland, you can experience Norway’s second largest glacier Svartisen, the famous mountain Torghatten, and the Vega World Heritage Site. Hike mountains such as the Seven Sisters and Rødøyløva, learn about the region’s culture and history, eat delicious local food, move between islands on your way to the Træna Music Festival, and much more!

Træna Music Festival

The crew behind the Træna Festival has been our key partners since the very start of SeilNorge. Since our first voyage to Træna in 2010, this trip has been the highlight in summer, both for us in SeilNorge and for the many who have sailed with us. The island-hopping trip to Træna has become a legendary summer adventure where we sail in a fleet of 7-8 boats each year. We offer two sailing adventures, to and from the magical island of Træna. Read more about the very special music festival at Træna here.

Highlights of sailing on the coast of Helgeland

  • Experience the life of seafarers in Helgeland and Lofoten.
  • Join a unique and exciting sailing adventure, to and from the magical island of Træna.
  • Make new friends and create lifelong memories.
  • Learn seamanship and the art of sailing along the way.
  • We guarantee accommodation on the boats during the festival when joining the trip Island Hopping & The Træna Music Festival. A comfortable, dry, and excellent solution during the music festival.
  • Learn fun local expressions and dialects.
  • Sail among 6000 islands, islets, and skerries in Norway’s most beautiful archipelago!

FAQ – Helgeland

How can I get to Helgeland?

You can travel to Helgeland by plane, train, boat, bus, car, bicycle, or use your feet 🙂 

There are four airports in the region: Mo i Rana, Sandnessjøen, Mosjøen and Brønnøysund. You can also fly to Trondheim or Bodø and then take a train, bus or boat to Helgeland

The Coastal Route (Fv17), one of the world’s most beautiful and wildest roads, stretches 650 kilometers from Steinkjer in Innherred to Bodø in Nordland.

The train, Nordlandsbanen, runs between Trondheim and Bodø and crosses significant parts of Helgeland. From the train station, you can take a bus to various villages along the coast.

There are many express boats and ferries in the area, and the coastal ferry, Hurtigruten, stops in Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen, and Nesna. til Helgeland.

In which ports does SeilNorge start and end its sailing trips in Helgeland?

  • The trip Island Hopping & The Træna Music Festival starts in Brønnøysund and ends at Træna.
  • The Sea & Mountain Sports Week starts at Træna and ends in Bodø.
  • Wild Vestfjorden, Steigen, and Lofoten start in Bodø and end in Henningsvær.
  • We have some sailing courses that start and end in Bodø.
  • We have some sailing courses that start and end in Brønnøysund.

What is the weather like along the Helgeland Coast?

Helgeland has a marine and mild climate. There is precipitation every month of the year, and the average annual temperature is 8°C, but the summer can be very pleasant!

Why is the Helgeland Coast so important to SeilNorge?

In 2008, SeilNorge founder Emil Engebrigtsen took his best friends on a sailing trip along the Helgeland Coast for the first time. The group quickly agreed that the unique nature and culture was something they wanted to share with more people, using the sailboat as their base – a sustainable and active way to travel between destinations. SeilNorge is now based on Ylvingen, a small island off Brønnøysund. Emil and his partner, Linda Øverli Nilsen, also run Himmelblå Brygge, on Ylvingen. A place you can stay overnight, eat local food and do a lot of activities.

“Ke du vil?”

On our sailing trips along the Helgeland Coast, you’ll get a good introduction to words and expressions from Northern Norway. And you will learn the meaning of “Ke du vil”!

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