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Access the best mountains to ski by sailboat

Begin your skiing adventure by the water’s edge

Ski, sail, and wake up to the view of new peaks every day. We sail from fjord to fjord, into the heart of the mountain range, starting the adventure by the water’s edge and ascending to remote and majestic peaks. Every day. Welcome aboard Ski & Sail!

With a boat, we have unique access to the best locations, easily moving from place to place, choosing mountains and landing spots based on weather and conditions. A new place and a new mountain top every day.

Ski & Sail is one of our most popular tours. Many travel far to experience this form of vacation. We couldn’t agree more. This is a fantastic way to combine nature, summit tours, and experiences.

Skippers and ski guides with local know-how

On all our trips, we bring along experienced and locally knowledgeable skippers and ski guides. The ski guide is a resource and mentor, enabling us to undertake more demanding ski tours and ascents if the weather, conditions, and group’s level allow for it.

Ski & Sail is something Italian and French skiers have been doing in Norway for many years, and something Norwegians have begun to discover the joys of. At SeilNorge, we’ve organized Ski & Sail in Helgeland, Steigen, Lofoten, Lyngen, Finnmark, and Svalbard for over ten years. So, we dare to say that we know many of the very best places!

Welcome aboard for a truly special skiing and touring experience!

Regardless of my expectations, they were surpassed by light-years.

Sierra, Svalbard 2023

FAQ Ski & Sail

Do I need skiing experience?

You must be able to ski and have previous experience with ski touring to join our Ski & Sail trips. You’ll also need to bring your own ski equipment on our trips. That being said, we offer different tours for varying experience levels and preferences (see more information about this in the sections below). Some prioritize powder snow, while others embark on ski tours mainly for the view and exercise. Nonetheless, on all our trips, we always have a ski guide per boat who selects routes suitable for the entire group’s level.

Ski & Sail for an experienced

Our Ski & Sail tours are open tours with mixed groups, so some skiers may be more experienced than others. We usually sail several boats together on a trip where we try to divide into boat crews and ski groups based on skill level and previous experience with ski touring. However, it’s not always straightforward, but our guides are well-trained in handling open groups.

Our departures between Tromsø and Alta are perhaps some of the more advanced trips we offer. Here, we sail past infinitely steep terrain, and the snow conditions can be suitable for steeper skiing. On our week-long trips in Lofoten, we also have the opportunity to explore more challenging terrain, which there is plenty of in the Lofoten mountains. In Svalbard, the extreme location of the archipelago, almost at the North Pole, makes the trip very special. It’s a highly advanced Ski & Sail experience, even though Svalbard may not necessarily have the highest snow quality or the largest number of steep chutes for us to explore.

If you know that you prefer to go far and steep and are looking for a challenge, our advice is to bring along your group of friends and book an entire boat for yourselves. Weather and snow conditions will, of course, determine what and where we can ski. Even if you already know each other, we can still tailor the level more to your wishes and skill level.

Are you curious about Ski & Sail but haven’t done much ski touring before?

This is generally quite an advanced type of ski trip, but on some of our tours, we set up a beginner boat. This group will go on easier and less steep ski tours, but we’ll still sail with the other boats. This is for those who have done some ski touring but aren’t as confident on the steepest slopes. It’s for those who enjoy nature and being out in the mountains on skis, and for those who want to try a new concept with skiing and boating combined. However, our Ski & Sail trips are not a complete beginner’s course starting from scratch. You still need to have previous experience with ski touring and bring your own ski and avalanche equipment.

Some of our easier Ski & Sail trips include the tours in Lyngen and Lofoten, particularly the shorter 5-day trips, which are highly recommended. Feel free to ask us if you’re wondering which tour might suit you best or about availability for specific beginner boat departures!

Packing advice Ski & Sail

We have plenty of great packing advice and will send you a comprehensive packing list before each departure. Here you will find a packing list.

Ski & Sail Lyngen

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