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Access the world’s wildest nature by sailboat

Summer is our busiest time with week-long trips up the majestic Helgeland coast, through the magnificent Lofoten islands, and to the vibrant Tromsø, with multiple boats in a fleet. This isn’t just a vacation; it’s an adventure where we sail north under the magical midnight sun. We participate in regattas, climb mountains, experience lively festivals, immerse ourselves in local culture, and savour culinary delights along the way.

On all our summer trips, you’ll learn the art of sailing, and you don’t need any prior knowledge to join.

SeilNorge took us to completely unique places out among the islands along the coast of Helgeland, and along the way we were true crew members in making ourselves a memory for life. Thank You!

Ebba, 28 years, Island hopping & Festival sailing to Træna

Summer activities in the north

It’s not just about sailing. In addition to mastering the art of sailing, you’ll experience a week filled with swimming in crystal-clear waters, fishing in rich fishing grounds, birdwatching along dramatic coastlines, hiking with breathtaking views, kayaking through spectacular fjords, and cooking with local ingredients.

We sleep out on the open sea while the midnight sun shines. And with the sun that never sets, many of our guests simply can’t go to bed!

Welcome aboard an adventure with us this summer!

FAQ Summer sailing

What is the summer temperature in Northern Norway?

In Northern Norway, we are prepared for all seasons, often within the same day. That’s part of the charm; it’s wild, beautiful and raw in every way – including the weather. On our summer trips, we’ve experienced everything from 33 degrees Celsius and perfect beach weather to 10-12 degrees Celsius with rain coming in sideways. You need to be prepared for the contrasts. Most of the time, we get a little bit of everything.

Packing Tips for a Northern Norwegian Summer

Check out our packing list tips for a summer vacation in Northern Norway. Yes, it can be wise to bring woolen underwear, even though it’s summer!

Water Temperature

We swim all year round! Regardless of the water temperature!

The Five Highlights of Summer Sailing with SeilNorge

  1. Magic of the Midnight Sun: Experience the incredible phenomenon of the midnight sun, where the sun never sets. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities around the clock.
  2. Spectacular Nature: Explore the impressive landscapes of Northern Norway with majestic fjords, dramatic mountain formations, and beautiful coastlines.
  3. Activities: In addition to learning how to sail, we visit a new place and get to know different communities every day. We go on hikes, kayak trips, swim in crystal-clear waters, get up close to wildlife, and catch our own dinner.
  4. Culture: We participate in local festivals and cultural events along the route, providing an authentic insight into Northern Norwegian culture and traditions. Maybe we’ll say hello to SeilNorge founder Emil’s dad in one harbor, while we enjoy a sauna at a good friends’ place in another harbor?
  5. Culinary Experiences: Local food, fresh fish, and regional specialties pave the way for culinary delights along the way.

Lofoten by sailboat

Filmed by Tanner Noller, summer 2023

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