Arctic summer adventure, sailing & hiking in Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja!

Hike & Sail, Lofoten - Tromsø

Lace up your hiking boots and join us on this sailing trip where we sail and hike around the coolest mountains in Northern Norway. This trip is for you who itch to get up high every time you see a mountain, and for you dreaming of starting a hike from the beach in a roadless fjord. We take you to places that are the definition of wild and awesome nature. Along the way we’ll cover quite some distance sailing as well, so this adventure suits those who want to sail a lot too. Feel the boat rock and heel, and get wind in your hair! This will be an active and educational week, with lots of sailing, sun, wind, rain, mountains, sea, sweat and laughter!

Hike & Sail to Møysalen and Segla

We plan several hikes on this adventure: the steep and cool mountains in the western fjords of Senja; Hesten and Segla. As well as coastal summits in Lofoten and on Andøya in Vesterålen. However the hiker’s highlight of this trip is the summit of Norway’s biggest island Hinnøya; mount Møysalen. This majestic mountain reaches 1263 meters above sea level and is the highest in the area. It towers proudly over the rest of its surroundings. The hike up is said to be the finest mountain trip in Northern Norway, and we completely agree! Not least, the view that awaits us at the top is worth the long hours of toil and effort. The small snow patch waiting to be crossed at the top, adds excitement to the adventure. A real highlight of the trip! Of course the hike is weather dependent, however we always aim for the skies! 

From Svolvær to Tromsø

We start this trip in Svolvær, and sail north through the Lofoten island mountain range and up to Vesterålen. Around Andøya we sail up along the western “outer” side so we can stop in the village Bleik. The area has a great mix of steep cliffs and white beaches, lots of birdlife and a special cultural landscape, and hopefully the local pub will be open when we come back this summer. 

Directly to the north of here, by Andenes, the seabed rises steep from deep to shallow and from the boat we have good chances to see whales; mostly sperm- and humpback whales. We of course aim to spot a few old friends when passing by. We then sail over the open stretch to the island Senja, known for its fjords and mountains, and we dock in Bergfjorden’s protected harbor Hamn. In Senja we sail into the fjords and conquer the mountains, and then the last day is a full day of sailing towards Tromsø; after a week of training sail trim and boat handling, it is time to race properly against the other boats and the winning team takes it all! When we end the trip in Tromsø, called the Paris of the North, we finish with a delicious dinner ashore at one of the city’s good restaurants.

Active holiday with unique access

With the sailboat as our mobile base for discovering and traveling in small groups, we get up close to nature, wildlife, and the locals who live in the areas we visit. We combine sailing with as many other fun activities as possible, such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, eating good food and lighting bonfires ashore. Of the planned activities, you are of course free to take part in what you want along the way. If one day you rather take it easy on the boat, write poems, do yoga or do nothing, then of course you do that. 

As on all our trips, you also learn to sail along the way. You will have challenges, feel mastery and gain experiences & friends for life!

Don’t buy a couch – SailNorway instead!


Our fleet

On our summer-trips we sail in a fleet of boats. Find pictures and read about our boats here.

What a fabulously great way to vacation! There was enormous value in being with a group you didn't know in advance, and SeilNorge made everyone feel included. The highlight was probably the stop at Sommerøya; the weather was nice, we had plenty of time to cook and had a nice evening on the beach!



Day 1: We meet in Svolvær for the adventure to begin!

At 16.00 we start and get settled onboard. We then go through the plan and ambition for the week, as well as important safety information and basic sail handling. Over dinner we get to know each other better, and if conditions are good we may sail already this first night to a nearby anchorage.

Day 2: Sailing to the north side of the Lofoten Islands and into Møysalen National Park

After a morning swim and a good breakfast we sail north towards the stunning area of Raftsundet and Trollfjorden, passing many cool islands on our way. Lunch in Trollfjorden (Fjord of Trolls) will be great! This narrow fjord is well known among sailors for its steep mountains going straight up from the waterline. Trollfjorden is a great hiking area, however this day we need to drop anchor not too late so today we sail and focus on trimming sails and handling the boat. In the evening we start to prepare for the hike up to Møysalen the next day, and we anchor as close to the mountain foot as we can. We are now in the Møysalen National Park, which was founded in 2003.

Day 3: Hiking Møysalen 1263 masl

If the weather is on our side we embark on the hike up to Møysalen. With its 1263 meters above sea level Møysalen is the highest peak in the region, and the hike takes 8-12 hours, and we may split into groups. Hopefully we get to the top which offers a fantastic view over our playground. Back down in the boats in the afternoon, we sail further north in the direction of Vesterålen and Andøya. Depending on the wind and conditions, we sleep at a suitable anchorage, or maybe we manage to get all the way to the very little village Stø, at the northern point of the Vesterålen islands.

Day 4: Full day sailing to Bleik on Andøya

In the morning we sail further north towards Bleik on Andøya. This “outer” side of the island offers a great mix of bird-islands and a shallow archipelago, in addition to white beaches, lots of birdlife and a special cultural landscape. At Bleik the land rises straight out of the sea and we can surf, paddle or swim, and of course hike. At Bleik they also have a nice local pub which is open a few evenings every summer, and somehow this pub is often open when we pass by. 

Day 5: Whale and seabird safari on Andøya

After a morning swim on one of Northern Norway’s finest beaches, we go for a stroll in the village and test the cakes at the local coffee shop. All you have to do is look forward to a rich selection of very good cakes. We then set course further north and sail through the inner protected lead to Andenes. Here, outside the northern point of Andøya, the seabed rises from 1000 to 100 meters and we have good chances of seeing whales. We then sail towards Senja, the island known for its many fjords, and this first night at Senja we go into the small and well protected harbor Hamn. This evening we plan for dinner at the local restaurant, and before dinner we often organize a sauna and hot tub for all pirates. 

Day 6: Sail around Senja and into Fjordgård

In the morning, there is the option of a hike up the valley sides or a kayak trip around Hamn. Before noon we set sail and sneak out between the islands of the Bergsfjord archipelago, and then head around to the village Fjordgård. From here we have access to three great hikes, to Hesten, Segla and Stavelitippen. Hesten is the neighbor-mountain to Segla, and has a trail all the way to the top. Once we are this far up we might as well head all the way up to Stavelitippen. It may be late when we arrive back in the boats, but the sun is probably still up over the horizon.

Day 7: Final sailing day to Tromsø; raceday!

Today is our last day of sailing and it will be a full day sailing towards Tromsø; after a week of training sail trim and boat handling now is the time to race properly against the other boats. The winning team takes it all! When we end the trip in Tromsø, called the Paris of the North, we finish with a delicious dinner ashore at one of the city’s good restaurants, and later SeilNorge is known to take over the dancefloor.

Day 8: Thank you for now!

The last morning we pack and wash the last things, and we are off the boat by 10.00. The nearby coffee shop Kaffebønna is a great place to continue wrapping up all the impressions. Thank you for a great week! If you have time to continue exploring Northern Norway, your options from the “Paris of the North” are plentiful.

Changes to the program

Please see this itinerary as a rough plan which we adapt underway according to weather and conditions. Often we also try out new places if we feel like it. We reserve the right to constantly improve our programs for the better. Sailing and exploring we always have dinghies with us for beach landings and small expeditions. We have fishing equipment for the cod, and hiking equipment for bonfires and summit climbs. We are ready for adventure – are you?

What is included?

  • A trip experience with sailboat – experienced skipper/instructor with local knowledge on board
  • All food we eat on board during the trip
  • Our Comfort Package, which consists of accommodation on board in a shared double cabin (bunk or double bed) with a ready-made bed (warm and nice duvets and pillows!)
  • An environmentally friendly, local, sustainable, unique, exotic and exclusive Norwegian adventure holiday
  • A shared experience and friendship with like-minded adventurers from around the world
  • A lot of time outdoors – raw and honest nature experiences
  • Use of our shared equipment if available: dinghies, kayaks, fishing equipment, etc.
  • All boat-related costs such as diesel, propane and harbor fees
  • Personal safety equipment; Helly Hansen inflatable lifejacket
  • Instruction, advice, guidance and practical training in boating and sailing

What is not included?

  • Travel to and from the start/end location
  • Optional meals at a cafes/restaurants during the trip
  • Entrance to galleries, museums, or other alternative activities that you/we may come up with
  • Rental of equipment and/or activities from external operators, ex. kayak, glacier hiking or surfing where possible
  • Drinks such as wine, beer or exclusive apple juice and other luxuries (yes, we drink beer and wine on board, bring your own)
  • Travel insurance and/or cancellation insurance – (up to you, but recommended!)

Important info

Departure and arrival

This trip starts in Svolvær and ends in Tromsø.

You find more information on travel, equipment and other tips under Practical info.

Deposit and payment

You only pay a deposit (NOK 6000) upon registration, the remainder of the payment is due 60 days prior to departure.

Safety and risk on board

We are all about people, and so we also take safety very seriously. On our trips we practice sail- and boat handling also for safety, and we spend time going through various situations that can arise at sea, how to handle them and how to avoid them.

On board a boat everyone must know what to do in critical situations and in the event of an emergency. Our philosophy is that partaking and participation builds safety. It is important for the safety of the whole boat that you are a participant on board, not just a passenger.

Therefore all our trips are to be considered sailing courses in addition to being great  holidays and adventures: You are trained to make up the crew on board and so we build a capable team on board.

Feel free to contact us for a chat about safety and risk on our adventures.

Level of the trip

No sailing experience? No problem! Our sailing adventures welcome both novices and seasoned sailors for an inclusive and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re new to sailing or a salty sea dog, our trips cater to all levels.

We aim to transform beginners into sailors quickly while offering experienced participants greater responsibilities and challenges. Our mainland sailing journeys involve 44-50 feet boats navigating coastal and protected waters, occasionally crossing open stretches for excitement. Route adjustments based on weather and conditions ensure a safe and adaptable voyage.

Trips are not overly strenuous; with rotating positions, participants can balance sailing and relaxation. Active engagement minimizes seasickness, and if it occurs, it passes swiftly. Weather, however, is unpredictable, with the potential for stronger winds and various conditions in northern Norway and the Arctic, making each trip a true sailing adventure. Be prepared for calm winds and rough weather—embracing the elements for an unforgettable experience.

What we expect from you

Our trips require a little effort from you who are joining – everyone on board must be ready to contribute and to give of themselves also socially; the more you open up, share and interest yourself in the others on board, the more enjoyable it gets. 

When you’re sailing with us you are invited to take part in the running of the ship and all that comes with it. You will be sailing, docking, navigating, looking out for whales and icebergs, but also making food, serving others, doing dishes and helping clean the boat during the trip, and contributing in other ways when needed. On board we are all in the same boat and when all help out, the ship is most happy. 

Our experience is that doing things together with others out in nature, and not least cooperating and doing activities with new people and different personalities than you might have around you normally, is what creates the best, most interesting and memorable moments and stories:)

Equipment and packing

As with all activities, there is plenty of special equipment and clothing for sailing. If you don’t have any of this, you will get very far with normal hiking/outdoor equipment. You do not need to buy a lot of new equipment to join our trips. Use what you have, borrow what you need from a friend, purchase used equipment, and if you have to invest in new equipment – buy quality items that will last! What you need is something waterproof and windproof on the outside, and layered warm clothing underneath.

Some jackets may not be waterproof “enough”, or might not perform too well in salt water, so you can consider a set of oilskin for the wettest days (available for rent or purchase on board). A pair of higher rubber boots for disembarking from the dinghy is very good to have, as well as indoor shoes below deck. Out at sea and in the Arctic it can be cold even in summer, so bring both swimwear and plenty of warm clothes. Well before departure, we will send you a detailed recommended packing list.

Read more and see our packing tips here:

PS: In a sailboat, you pack in a bag or sack, not in a rigid suitcase. 🙂

Food & cooking on board

On our trips, you will be part of the crew on board and get the chance to participate in all tasks for the operation of the boat. This includes cooking and preparing food – everyone take turns in the galley! Skippers and crew assist as much as they can along the way.

We have great menus with tasty, healthy and “boat-friendly” food, and for each trip we order provisions for all meals on board. If you have allergies or preferences, let us know in the registration form and we will take that into account as best as we can. You are also most welcome to bring any special food or drink with you. Why not bring some specialities from your country or region for the boat to enjoy? 

During a weeklong trip we often sail by a good restaurant or two where we can have dinner on land. Some places we need to pre-book and we will then need to choose a menu before we arrive. More about all of this when you come on board!

Life on board & accommodation

Life on a sailboat is super social and fun, but it might feel a bit intimate at first. No worries though, that vibe usually fades after the first hour. Everyone chips in to run the boat, and we’re all part of the crew, which means quick bonding.

We’re keen to get to know you and hope you’ll connect with the rest of the crew. It takes some patience, generosity, and an open mind to thrive, but soon you’ll be focused on making new friends and enjoying raw nature experiences once sea life feels like home.

Sleeping arrangements in shared cabins with double or bunk beds can be a bit of a puzzle, but we’re pretty good at figuring it out. Let us know if you have preferences. You’re on your own for land accommodations before or after the trip.

The boat provides heating and good food, but fresh water isn’t always abundant. Water conservation means not showering every day, but when near freshwater sources, we make the most of it. But nothing beats a morning sea swim for that fresh feeling.

Any questions? Need travel tips? Practical information?

You'll probably find the answer here, in our collection of questions and answers and practical information.

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