Træna & The Træna Music Festival

Out here, the people of the sea, the fish and birds live amidst hundreds of islands, islets and skerries.

Træna, the island of the Sea People

Far out at sea, with only the open ocean and Iceland as the next neighbour to the west, you’ll find the Træna archipelago. Out here, the sea people, fish and birds live side by side among hundreds of islands, islets and skerries.

Every July, The Træna Music Festival takes place on the islands of Husøy and Sanna, and the otherwise tranquil island community is nearly invaded. From being a few hundred permanent residents and holiday guests on the islands, there are suddenly thousands of festival participants, volunteers, artists and other visitors. Most people stay in the festival camp on Husøya, but the very luckiest stay in a sailboat! And after a long day and night at the festival, it’s lovely to crawl into your warm and dry bunk and get a few well-deserved hours of sleep before the next festival day!

Trænafestivalen, The music festival at Træna

Since we first sailed to Træna in 2010, this trip has been the highlight of the summer for both of us in SeilNorge and the many who have sailed with us to Træna. The island hopping sailing to Træna has become a legendary summer adventure where we sail many boats together in a convoy.


  • Experience the life of the Sea People in Helgeland and Lofoten
  • Join us on a unique and exciting adventure to and from the magical Træna
  • Make new friends and create lifelong memories
  • Learn to sail
  • Accommodation on the boats during the festival (Island hopping & The Træna Music Festival), a comfortable, dry, and good alternative.
  • Learn fun local expressions and dialects

Trips to and from Træna

FAQ Træna & Trænafestivalen

What is Trænafestivalen?

“Paradise doesn’t have to be in the tropics,” according to the people of Træna, and the British newspaper The Guardian wrote, “One of the best festivals in Europe, that you’ve probably never heard of”. The Træna Music Festival is an exclusive music and cultural festival – far out at sea. Along with both national and international musicians, the nature, the people, and the atmosphere make it a truly magical experience you wouldn’t miss!

Read more about the festival here.

How do I get to Træna?

To get to Træna, you can take the ferry or the speedboat. The ferry departs from Stokkvågen. With the speed boat, you can start from Bodø, Sandnessjøen, Stokkvågen or any stops in between. The summer route for the Nordlandsekspressen, ferry company, goes to Træna from June to August. Learn more under Practical info.

Can I buy the festival pass from SeilNorge?

Absolutely! We reserve festival passes for all our participants. If you’re going on either the Island hopping & Festival Sailing to Træna or the Sea & Mountain Sports Week, you can purchase the festival pass in our webshop. You can also get a festival pass on your own, or hang out on Træna without attending the festival.

Træna vibes

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