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Lofoten all year round

Wild, beautiful, and rugged — Lofoten’s charms are endless. With our sailboats, we offer access to unique places with breathtaking nature. Our local skippers will guide you to the best spots, whether it’s summer, fall, winter, or spring. Join us and experience the magic of Lofoten!

Discover the archipelago by sailboat

Lofoten is a popular vacation destination, but very few have the privilege to experience the world-famous islands from the sea! While the mainland may be busy with ferry queues and crowded campsites, we will enjoy the tranquillity and adventures from our sailboat.

Regardless of how popular the destination has become, we are still as captivated every time we sail here. As early as January, we do photo trips where we sail in, along, between, and through Lofoten to capture the colours of winter. From March and throughout the spring, we do Ski & Sail, where adrenaline in the snowy mountains and the blue fjords is the absolute highlight. Summertime in Lofoten is characterized by the midnight sun and green, lush mountains & islands!

The place, the islands and the people

As we approach from across the Vestfjorden, the Lofoten Wall emerges in the distance looking like small islands on the horizon, only to reveal itself as towering mountains rising from the sea. The coastline may seem dramatic and unwelcoming to sailors, but as we draw closer, we are captivated by the striking and captivating shapes and lines of the mountains. The archipelago that surrounds us provides both shelter and hidden gems for both us and the local fishermen.

No less charming are the people and culture; the fishermen, traditional fishing boats, the colourful language and the interesting tales and stories. The cod we eat, whether it’s fresh “skrei” or stockfish (tørrfisk), is alone worth a visit, and we promise you so much more!

What our guests say about sailing in Lofoten

What a fantastic way to spend a vacation! There was enormous value in being part of a group you didn’t know in advance, and SeilNorge made everyone feel included.

Hanna, Lofoten

Get close to Lofoten by sailboat

Filmed by Tanner Nuller, summer 2023

FAQ Lofoten

How do I get to Lofoten?

  • You can take a train or flight to Bodø and then a ferry to Lofoten.
  • You can fly to Leknes or Svolvær with SAS or Norwegian.
  • You can also take the coastal ferry Hurtigruten to Stamsund or to Svolvær.


The Lofoten region has a marine climate with precipitation throughout the year. The average annual temperature in Lofoten is 7°C.


In this wild and beautiful archipelago, there is also abundant wildlife. You can encounter moose, foxes, and hares. Many find the sea eagle the most impressive animal, which at times soars over the sailboats with its enormous wingspan.

Activities on a sailing trip in Lofoten

During the summer, we enjoy ourselves in Lofoten’s playground around the clock, under the midnight sun. We go fishing, hiking in the mountains, swim, and take advantage of the various activities that come our way. You decide which activities you want to take part in, and some of them may come with an extra cost, such as renting a kayak or joining a surfing session.

Our most popular trips in Lofoten

All of our Lofoten trips are popular, but the one that stands out the most is the trip called “Best of Lofoten”. You can read more about our Lofoten trips here.

What is The Legendary Lofoten Fishery?

Every year, from January to April, large schools of Atlantic cod, known as “skrei,” migrate from the Barents Sea to Lofoten to spawn. In Northern Norway, this has been the foundation of livelihood for thousands of years. There are legends, tales, and art that tell the story of the famous Lofoten fishing, the most important cod fishing season in Norway.

To follow the history of the cod is a fascinating journey through the formation of the Norwegian nation. Through sagas, laws, and court records, ancient accounting books, and regulations dating back to the 10th century, a clear picture emerges. It was the cod that provided us with the strength and economy to establish a church, bureaucracy, royal power, government, and eventually our own parliament. Cod made it possible to build the nation brick by brick, and without it, there would have been no people living in Northern Norway.

Lofoten fishing is still a significant source of income for many fishermen in Northern Norway.

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