Sailing Trip as a Confirmation Gift

Mathilde’s parents wanted to give a confirmation gift to remember for life.

Sailing Trip as a Confirmation Gift

When Mathilde was confirmed, Erlend and Ingrid immediately knew that the confirmation gift should not be something material but an experience to remember as something special for the rest of her life. Mathilde received a sailing trip as a confirmation gift!

Environmentally Friendly Gift

We couldn’t think of a better way to experience Norwegian nature than from the sea – on a sailboat. Additionally, we couldn’t imagine more beautiful scenery than Northern Norway, especially as it’s the part of the country the children are least familiar with. We are concerned about the environment, and it was important that the entire journey would show that it IS possible to travel in an environmentally friendly way. The journey by bus, train, and boat from Asker to Brønnøysund – and return from Træna – became a beautiful experience in itself and an incredibly great way to experience the country, explains Ingrid, mother of Mathilde.

We wanted to give our daughter a unique experience of Norwegian nature

The confirmation girl’s mother, Ingrid

Much-anticipated “Slow Time”

During the journey, mother and daughter got plenty of much-anticipated “slow time” and the opportunity to talk for hours.

We had time to talk about a lot of things that we might not have time for in everyday life. I had a thought beforehand that this trip might bring mother and daughter even closer together, and I definitely feel that it did, says Ingrid with a warm smile.

A Trip Full of Wonderful Experiences

It was great to travel in a calm and slow way to see the beautiful nature of the country. It was fun to sail with someone who has so much experience and to learn a lot about boats. We had many wonderful moments. Some of the things I remember particularly well were a summit hike on the Seven Sisters with a beautiful view of the stunning blue sea, a walk across the island of Vega with a gourmet lunch on the other side, a atmospheric evening with dinner in Emil’s grandfather’s fisherman’s cabin, and the world’s best pizza in Sandnessjøen.

“I think it was really nice to receive an experience as a confirmation gift instead of a thing or money.”


— I think it was really nice to receive an experience as a confirmation gift instead of a thing or money. It was exciting to sail in all kinds of weather, a very nice trip that I will remember forever. The trip was full of wonderful experiences, and I can definitely imagine going on another SeilNorge trip when I get older. Either with mom again or with a friend, says Mathilde with a big smile.

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