Island Hopping & Træna Festival

Memories from the legendary Island Hopping & Træna Festival Sailing, summer 2023

With four sailboats and a bunch of adventurous souls

Welcome to our photo slideshow from Island Hopping & Festival Sailing to the legendary Træna Festival. Here, you’ll get a glimpse of our adventure from July 2023.

We won!

With four sailboats and a bunch of adventurous souls, we set course for the magical archipelago of the Helgeland coast. For an entire week, we explored this beautiful part of Norway with laughter, sea spray and wind in our hair (or sails…). We concluded our trip with a regatta to the Træna Festival. And who took home the victory? Yes, one of SeilNorge’s very own boats! Hooray!

This triumph was, of course, celebrated in style at the Træna Festival, where we spent three days with music, dancing and unforgettable moments.

Share special moments

Through these photos, we want to share the special moments, the spectacular nature, and the camaraderie that made this journey a truly unique experience.

Happy Sailors

Good times!

Finally arriving Træna & The Træna Music Festival

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