Our most popular summer trips

Vi utforsker den ville Vestfjorden. Foto Mats Grimseth

Our most popular summer trips

Summer in the Arctic

Well Hello Summer!

It’s summer. The sun is returning, and suddenly, it’s the land of the midnight sun. That’s when we want to be there – right in the heart of the fish’s playground, beneath the never-ending daylight, surrounded by towering mountains.

The best of Lofoten

You may have heard of the Lofoten islands? Almost the whole world now has – and with good reason. This mountainous range of islands stretching far out into the Norwegian Sea is a fantastic area to spend a week of your time, to explore the most beautiful and wildest mountains, fjords and beaches.

Island Hopping & Music festival

The combination of summer light and midnight sun, the many boats sailing together crewed by exciting and adventurous people from all corners of the world, and Norway’s most exotic festival – makes the trips to and from Træna unique. Adventurous travelers and festival lovers from all over the world meets up at Træna at the coast of Helgeland, in the middle of Norway (nowhere)!

Hike & Sail

Lace up your hiking boots and join us on a sailing trip where we sail and hike around the coolest mountains in Northern Norway. For you itch to get up high every time you see a mountain- and for you dreaming of starting a hike from the beach in a roadless fjord. We take you to places that are the definition of wild and awesome nature, and between the mountains and fjords, we will sail, a lot. An active and educational week with lots of sailing, sun, wind, rain, mountains, sea, sweat and laughter!

Close to Lofoten by sailboat

Filmed by Tanner Noller, summer 2023

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