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Jobbe i SeilNorge?

Med seilbåten som utgangspunkt har vi unik tilgang til verdens råeste natur og vi seiler innom våre favorittsteder og hemmelige plasser. Vårt øverste mål er at våre reisende; våre deltagere, gjester og kunder, reiser hjem med minner for livet.

Trygve Wedset Foto Tanner Noller

Trygve A. Wedset


Meet Trygve, the steady hand at the helm who provides our guests with both security and the knowledge to gradually take control of the sailing boat. He’s not just a sailor; he’s an active mountain enthusiast who conquers the slopes both on foot and with skis. When he’s not steering the boats at SeilNorge, he’s out there participating in events and always ready to lend a helping hand to the team. Whether on land or sea, Trygve is always up for an adventure!

Emil A portrett

Emil-André Gundersen

Skipper & Fixing boats

Emil-André, with his electrifying, mechanical, and technical skills, purchased his first sailboat with his confirmation money! Whether it’s on land or sea, he’s got the knack for solving problems and keeping everything shipshape. When he’s not out on the high seas, he’s carving up the slopes with his buddies in Tromsø!

Knut Kalland er kontorsjef i SeilNorge

Knut Kalland

Office manager

Knut is the ultimate multitasker! He tries to keep track of all our boats, guests, bookings, crew, technical stuff and whatever might show up on our way. Eager sailor on his own boats and constantly looking for something to adjust and improve.

anette portrett

Anette Hommen

Economy and accounting

Anette is crunching numbers and taming spreadsheets with finesse. When she’s not diving deep into her Excel sheets, you’ll find her living the van life on the rugged shores of Stadt, riding the waves and surfing her heart out. She’s our financial wizard by day and a surf-obsessed camper by night!

Karl Ruben er vår vedlikeholds- og altmuligmann og skipper.

Karl Ruben Gaasø


Karl Ruben is a handy-man and captain of our sailing adventures. Karl is as cool as a cucumber. So calm that you’d almost think he doesn’t notice when the wind whizzes by, but he absolutely does! He’s got the boats under his thumb, and as a skipper, he’s the steady hand that even the most sea-fearing folks can trust to relax.

Giselle Fransen

Giselle Fransen


What started as a brief backpacking adventure to Norway and a break from veterinary studies turned into falling in love with sailing and SeilNorge! She lends a hand on the boats wherever and whenever needed. Giselle enjoys creating unforgettable shared memories, exploring together, getting to know one another, and learning from each other. And that’s precisely what we do on SeilNorge trips! Let’s make some waves and memories together!

Tom Richard

Tom Richard Rasmussen


Tom Richard has been active on the water his entire life and boasts a wealth of experience in both motor and sailboats. He’s a year-round sailor who’s in his element when the engine is off and the sails are up. Tom Richard works as a professional instructor for various boat and sailing courses and certifications. He’s always thrilled when the boat is filled with eager guests and participants. As a welcoming skipper, he delights in sharing his knowledge. Tom Richard is an experienced, steady, and reliable captain who looks out for everyone and handles things with calm authority on board. He’s had his own boats over 45 feet for many years, used for courses and charter operations, and in recent years, he’s had a Bavaria 50 Cruiser, the same boat type we use on SeilNorge trips.

Motto: “The one who has both feet on the ground stays still!”

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