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Jobbe i SeilNorge?

Med seilbåten som utgangspunkt har vi unik tilgang til verdens råeste natur og vi seiler innom våre favorittsteder og hemmelige plasser. Vårt øverste mål er at våre reisende; våre deltagere, gjester og kunder, reiser hjem med minner for livet.

Emil er SeilNorge gründer og startet selskapet i 2008.

Emil Casper Engebrigtsen

Founder, CEO and Skipper

Emil, the founder & Captain of SeilNorge. Emil grew up on a boat at sea, among the rocky shores of Tjøme, South of Norway, and in the beautiful summer light of Helgeland. Emil works hard at the office so he can spend most of his days where he enjoys it the most: on the Helgeland coast with a fleet of sailboats brimming with adventurous expedition participants! He brought the joy of demanding navigation through islets and reefs from the Navy, and as a skipper, he’s known for giving the crew plenty of challenges and responsibilities. Emil’s grandfather spent 55 seasons in Lofoten as a fisherman, and Emil is working on matching that record!

Aron fotoBS DST37717

Aron Halfen


Enjoys it most outdoors, at sea and in the mountains. Aron is one of the co-founders of SeilNorge, having been with us since the beginning in 2008. He is passionately dedicated to nature and sustainability, even though he finds himself jetting between peace processes and climate negotiations on the continents. He is just as passionate about an oil-free Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja as he is about the resistance struggles of the oppressed worldwide.

Øyvind Torp, skipper i SeilNorge

Øyvind Torp


Storyteller with a love for gales and sea spray. Øyvind is one of the founders of SeilNorge and is happiest when he can unleash himself in gales and sea spray. No one knows every nook, cranny and piece of rope on board SeilNorge’s fastest boat, “Palander,” better than him. Øyvind always has a good story about the mountain range The Seven Sister- and values a good atmosphere on board above all else. In his daily life, he’s occupied with his other passion, introducing children and young people from the inner east of Oslo to the many joys of the great outdoors.

Mari Sveen

Mari Sveen

Skipper and Instructor

Meet Mari, the regatta sailor who’s head over heels in love with cruising in the North of Norway! Mari joined the SeilNorge crew after being a guest on one of their trips in 2016, but her sailing journey began when she was just 8 years old. Back then, it was all about dinghy racing. Thanks to SeilNorge, she discovered the joy of leisurely sailing in the beautiful north, and now she’s an integral part of the team. Her extensive experience in the racing community, which she’s still very much a part of, influences the trips she’s on today. It’s always a blast to sail a little faster than the others, and she’s more than happy to share her knowledge and skills with fellow sailors. Smooth sailing and high spirits are always on the horizon when Mari’s around!

Morten Ebbell Hestnes, skipper SeilNorge

Morten Ebbell Hestnes


Great instructor – you will learn to sail from Morten.
Morten comforts the seasick and challenges the pirates to sea battles. As a high school teacher, he lives by the principle “everyone should join”, and those who haven’t learned to sail after a week with Morten have only themselves to thank. For Morten, there is pride in completing an entire trip without the use of an engine, a principle he has followed on trips in northern Norway, Croatia and the Caribbean.


Jim-Børre Andreassen


Local hero and modern viking who navigates by the stars. Jim-Børre lives in the middle of SeilNorge’s sailing mekka in Northern Norway. Growing up on Værøy, a boat was a necessity to see the world, and he found peace on board a sailboat. Jim-Børre finds the best fishing spots and he guarantees a good catch. He can also explain in detail about “haill” and tell the legends about the Nordlands mountains. On ski and sail, Jim-Børre takes his split board with him, and he loves big turns on big flanks on big mountains!

Stig Arild Pettersen, skipper i SeilNorge

Stig Arild Pettersen


Stig Arild is SailNorge’s ship author, podcaster and swimming enthusiast, and already as a 15-year-old he represented Norway in the sailing WC. He is a trained sailing coach, and has been national team sailing coach for Norway, Uganda and the military dictatorship of Burma. He has lived with Indians in the Amazon and hung out with drug lords in Rio’s favelas, but he thrives best in a sailboat with fleece tights north of the Arctic Circle. As skipper, Stig Arild is best known for serving the crew mimosas far out at sea.

Øyvind Grøslie Wennesland, skipper SeilNorge

Øyvind Grøslie Wennesland


Allergic to seafood, but loves the sea. Øyvind is one of SeilNorge’s founders, and travels north and out to sea as often as he can. Øyvind learned to sail from a sane southerner, and as a skipper, Øyvind is more concerned that everyone should have a try, than to get to port first – and he is the most patient of all the skippers. His only vice is that he is allergic to everything that lives in the sea, which often creates slightly comical situations during dinner on a sailing trip!

Anne Maanum portrett

Anne Månum

Marketing Skipper
+47 412 011 81

Anne is the Marketing Skipper at SeilNorge. She is a lively girl who comes from a place without a single drop of saltwater for miles around – not even sailboats! Despite the lack of sea access in Valdres, she spent several years working aboard Hurtigruten, the Norwegian coastal steamer, and she has been promoting boat-related adventures for years. She’s all about communication and absolutely adores the lively and bustling everyday life at SeilNorge.

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Trygve A. Wedset


Meet Trygve, the steady hand at the helm who provides our guests with both security and the knowledge to gradually take control of the sailing boat. He’s not just a sailor; he’s an active mountain enthusiast who conquers the slopes both on foot and with skis. When he’s not steering the boats at SeilNorge, he’s out there participating in events and always ready to lend a helping hand to the team. Whether on land or sea, Trygve is always up for an adventure!

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