No clue about Ski & Sail?

An insight into what this mysterious, fantastic and unique concept is.

No clue about Ski & Sail?

Below we will try to give you a good insight into what this mysterious, fantastic, and unique concept is all about!

Text; Linda Øverli Nilsen, Marketing-Skipper, Board-Woman and All-Mighty-Halibut

We take the sailboat to the mountains

By this, we mean that the sailboat is our cabin, our lodge, and primarily our mobile base. The sailboat is our key to the ultimate experience of freedom, even in the winter mountains. With the boat as our starting point, we can anchor in a bay and wake up to powder on deck and untouched mountains every day!

Ski & Sail i Lyngen. Foto Baard Basberg
Ski & Sail in Lyngen. Photo by Baard Basberg

Freeriding gets new content with Ski & Sail

We are completely free! We choose our anchorage based on weather forecasts and avalanche updates, following the desires of the boat and ski guide for the day’s ride. All this regardless of ferry times, parking, and other transport. We don’t line up; instead, we find places where the “others” don’t reach.

We have everything we need to have full focus on what’s important on these trips: finding the best snow and descents, and of course, together creating the ultimate winter adventure on board, from the shore to the mountain top!

Vi får det beste av det beste, vår i fjæra og skitur på fjellet
We get the best of the best, spring on the shore, and a ski trip in the mountains.

Northern Norway is made for Ski & Sail

There are few other places in Norway and the world where you can put on skis on the shore and immediately start ascending to the top of Northern Norway. The areas are fierce, with vast expanses and possibilities. Local knowledge is crucial for both the experience and safety in Northern Norway. Our skippers and professional guides are specialized in just this!

Frequently asked questions about Ski & Sail

How many peaks do we climb during the trip? Is it cold? Do I get seasick? Do I have to know how to sail? What is the level of the summit tours? Is it cold on board? The questions are many and good. Here you can read the answers to this and much more! Read more about questions and answers here. 

We transport people and ski gear back and forth with the dinghy. That is also an exotic experience!
We transport people and skis back and forth with the dinghy. It is also an exotic experience.

We're here to answer your questions!

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