Winter sailing in arctic’s magical light with the camera around your neck.

Winter & Photo Sail
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Bring your woollen underwear and get ready to capture northern lights and frozen moments on board! The very special thing about our winter trips is the magical light. Which gives us the craziest #nofilter experiences hour after hour. 

From Tromsø to Svolvær

We spend a whole week from Tromsø to the capital of Lofoten, Svolvær. On the way we pass by alpine mountain chains, charming fishing villages at the brim of the big Norwegian sea. As we pass by Senja, Andøya and Vesterålen, we hope to find the northern lights underway, and will definitely learn more about sailing and photography, as well as the areas we sail through.

Magical winter light in winter landscape

This trip is for you who want to capture the rawest pictures of the most breath taking nature in the wildest season! For those of you who want to sail through Northern Norway in the very special winter light with your camera always ready. Winter sailing in the north is a unique experience, and by combining it with photography we maximize our use of the day. We are ready to take the best photos completely free of street lights or other light pollution.

With a photographer on board

We have a photographer joining us on the trip, who will share tips & tricks with us along the way. On this adventure, there is no requirement for prior knowledge of photography. If you just want to take part in an unforgettable sailing trip in winter, you are very welcome! Whether you’re a pro or an amateur doesn’t matter. By sailing together with other photo-interested participants, you will surely learn a lot. 

Our winter and photo sailings are also an excellent opportunity for those of you who want to test out winter sailing. And for you who want to learn more about navigation in the dark and sail in changing winds and weather! Always with our cameras ready. Maybe we’ll capture the special northern lights on camera? Or the eternal sunrise/set over white covered peaks? Charge your battery and get the camera ready!

Be part of the crew on board

As on all our trips, you do not need to be able to sail to participate. You will learn a lot about sailing along the way. Our skilled skipper takes care of coaching and navigation on board, and assists with knowledge of the area and life in the sea. Regardless of whether you have a lot or little experience, we will challenge you. You will feel a sense of mastery and have memorable experiences for life! If you’re a first-timer, we want to make you a sailor as soon as possible. Though if you are more experienced, you will quickly get more responsibility and bigger challenges. 

You’ll be welcomed along as part of our crew. Getting the opportunity to participate in all tasks on board: stand at the helm, hoist sails, cook, navigate, take a morning swim, gut fish, serve anchor drinks, tie knots etc. In other words; the complete sailing experience!

Sailing the Arctic seas comes with fantastic photo opportunities. You get the chance to shoot this coast like few others have done before, and get a unique element of adventure in the shots. The sun barely rises to say hello before it sinks over the horizon again, those few hours of light are magical, as it's a constant sunrise-sunset following us around and painting the mountains for us.

Norris Niman, photographer and adventurer


Day 1: Welcome on board in Tromsø

Welcome on board! We meet on the dock in Tromsø at 16:00, get settled in the sailboat and get to know each other. Before we hoist sails we’ll become familiar with the boat, equipment and safety routines onboard. When ready, we set course towards Sommarøy and find a sheltered natural bay on our way. Underway we practice boat handling, “man-overboard” drills, and other emergency situations.

Day 2: Possible kayak in Sommarøy and sailing to Senja

We reach Sommarøy after breakfast today. Which is a mecca for kayaking, and Sommarøy Adventure would love to take us out on the water around this beautiful archipelago after lunch. For the evening we might sail a little further, or we relax on board on anchor around Sommarøy’s wonderful beaches.

Day 3: To the mountain Segla and sailing to Hamn

We have now reached Fjordgard, a small little village in one of the exposed fjords fo Senja. Where we find the iconic mountain of Segla. Cutting towards the sky as a blade or sail! We try to spend the light hours hiking to get this view, if there is not too much snow with our cameras ready! The afternoon is spent sailing to Hamn. Where we are greeted by a hot bathtub and sauna, and we plan to have dinner in the restaurant in Hamn tonight.

Day 4: Full sailing-day to Andøya!

If the conditions are right, we will set our course on the outside of Andøya. This will be a full sailing day where we sail further north, a distance of around 40-50 nm. Underway we get to practice sailing, navigation, and handling the sails! We try to catch some of the winter season light with our cameras, and a cod or two with our fishing rods for dinner! We aim for the charming fishing village of Bleik for the night where some beautiful beaches await us and our bonfire for an evening under the stars!

Day 5: Hiking in Bleik and sailing through Vesterålen

We have had intense days so far and ill take an easy morning today. We spend the morning in Bleik, having some photo-workshop on the beach and the possibility for a hike on land. After lunch we hoist sail further south through Vesterålen. Maybe we’ll catch some cod for dinner today as well?!

Day 6: Towards Raftsundet and Trollfjorden

We are closing in on Lofoten now, where our route takes us through Raftsundet. We will sail into Trollfjorden this afternoon, with its towering mountains and peaks. The perfect place to enjoy our evening onboard under the hopefully clear starry sky.

Day 7: Sail to Svolvær and goodbye for now!

Last day on the trip offers a sail along the Lofoten mountains and back to Svolvær. We cast off early enough to reach our final port after lunch, maybe with a possible stop in Skrova on our way. Anyways with enough time to be ready and packed out of the boat at 16:00 latest. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Changes to the program

The program should be seen as a starting point which we adapt to weather and conditions. We reserve the right to constantly improve the program for the better. With us along the way, we always have dinghies for beach landings and small expeditions. We have fishing equipment for the cod, and hiking equipment for bonfires and summit hikes – we are ready for adventure, are you?!

What is included?

  • A trip experience with sailboat – experienced skipper/instructor with local knowledge on board
  • All food we eat on board during the trip
  • Our Comfort Package, which consists of accommodation on board in a shared double cabin (bunk or double bed) with a ready-made bed (warm and nice duvets and pillows!)
  • An environmentally friendly, local, sustainable, unique, exotic and exclusive Norwegian adventure holiday
  • A shared experience and friendship with like-minded adventurers from around the world
  • A lot of time outdoors – raw and honest nature experiences
  • Use of our shared equipment if available: dinghies, kayaks, fishing equipment, etc.
  • All boat-related costs such as diesel, propane and harbor fees
  • Personal safety equipment; Helly Hansen inflatable lifejacket
  • Instruction, advice, guidance and practical training in boating and sailing

What is not included?

  • Travel to and from the start/end location
  • Optional meals at a cafes/restaurants during the trip
  • Entrance to galleries, museums, or other alternative activities that you/we may come up with
  • Rental of equipment and/or activities from external operators, ex. kayak, glacier hiking or surfing where possible
  • Drinks such as wine, beer or exclusive apple juice and other luxuries (yes, we drink beer and wine on board, bring your own)
  • Travel insurance and/or cancellation insurance – (up to you, but recommended!)

Important info


This trip start in Tromsø and ends in Svolvær, Lofoten.

You find more information on travel, equipment and other tips under Practical info.

Du finner mer om reise, utstyr og andre praktiske tips på vår side om “Praktisk informasjon”

Any questions? Need travel tips? Practical information?

You'll probably find the answer here, in our collection of questions and answers and practical information.

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