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PRIVATE trip Gebauer
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Charlott Gebauer

50 feet Bavaria yacht Havblikk available from April 26th – May 2nd. At this time she’s anchored in Tromsø, close by the Lyngen alps.
If you go for this option we’ll supply you with skipper and skiguide, fuel and food. Our skiguides prefer groups of up to six skier, sometimes seven, if they know each other already. As Havblikk has 10 beds in 5 cabins there could also be room for a chef to cook for you after the skiing’s done for the day. The price breakdown for a 7 days with 6 skiing days with Havblikk is like this:
NOK 213.000 For Havblikk with skipper, fuel, food, harbourtaxes and all other boatrelated costs
NOK 30.000 For Skiguide
NOK 25.000 For Chef (Optional)
An itineray for a trip like this could something similar to this, but as you have the boat, the skipper and guide all to yourselves it’s up to your group to decide!

Day 1: Ship o’hoi – we meet and cast off
Welcome aboard! We meet at the dock in Tromsø at 16:00, settle into the boat and get to know each other. Before we hoist sails, we familiarize ourselves with the boat and equipment, and go through safety routines. We leave Tromsøsundet and Grøtsundet already on the first evening on our way to the first anchorage. We prepare supper when we have cast off, but please eat dinner before attendance if possible.

Day 2: First ski tour!
After an early breakfast, we take the dinghy to land and the adventure’s first skitour! We are aiming for some of the peaks on our way north from Tromsø for this day. Where we have nice options both on Ringvassøya and Reinøya. Or perhaps Ullstinden at 1093 masl will be the first peak of the trip! After skiing, we sail towards Lyngen and anchor or moor in a suitable place for a new peak the next morning.

Day 3 – 4: Nord-Lenangen and the Lyngen peninsula
The northern tip of the Lyngen peninsula and the surrounding islands, is a great starting point for several of the good peaks here. Weather, conditions and our ambitions onboard determine which trips we choose these days. We will explore beautiful fjords and mountains around this area. If the skipper’s in a good mood, maybe she’ll drop you off in one fjord and pick you up in the next!

Day 5 – 6: Kågen, Arnøya or Vannøya
The islands around the Lyngen peninsula itself are just as spectacular. And here we find even less visited bays, fjords and mountains. These islands are understandably easiest to reach by boat, what we are here for at Ski & Sail!

Day 7: Last summit and return to the Paris of the North
Last day of skiing, where we find a suitable peak on our way towards Tromsø. We have good alternatives on Ringvassøya or Reinøya on the way into Grøtsundet. After a few good hours of skiing in the morning, we head for Tromsø. On our way to the harbor we pack our things, clean up and wash ourselves out of the boat. We dock and end the trip in Tromsø at 16.00pm latest.

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