Explore the majestic Lofoten islands as they should; by sailboat!

Private booking, Best of Lofoten - Gambi Family 13.8.24
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Welcome on board! 😍

Private booking, Best of Lofoten – Gambi family

Time: August 13th at 16:00 – August 20th, 2024 at 10:00
Place: Lofoten islands, start in Svolvær and end in Henningsvær
Boat: Humla Bavaria 50ft, 5 double cabins, and 3 toilets/bathrooms

  • skipper with local knowledge and good people skills
  • all food (you can eat during the trip)
  • fuel and all boat related costs
  • bedsheets, duvee, pillow for all
  • tender skipper, fuel, food

Price; NOK 209.700,- (4 pax)
Deposit at booking 30%
Balance due 60 days before departure


!! Description, itinerary and information below is just an example, based on our standard week running trip, and can/will be adjusted
NOTE: Read the itinerary “backwards”!. 👇

You may have heard of the Lofoten islands? Almost the whole world now has – and with good reason. This mountainous range of islands stretching far out into the Norwegian Sea is a fantastic area to spend a week of your time. This trip is dedicated to the most beautiful and wildest mountains, fjords and beaches Lofoten has to offer. 

Unique access to the Best of Lofoten

We explore and navigate the islands by boat like both visitors and locals have done for thousands of years. By boat we have unique access, and with a full week at our disposal we will really dive into the area and see the mountains from all angles.  

We sail from well-known fishing villages to awesome beaches and into roadless fjords. Underway we stop at some of the best places to eat and by the most exciting cultural sights of the area. During the trip, we hike mountains, fish, kayak, surf, and make bonfires ashore. And if you want more adrenaline, you can climb or free dive, no one will stop you.

From Henningsvær to Svolvær

We start the trip in Henningsvær and begin by sailing south to Reine and Reinefjorden. Reine is not only one of the most picturesque places in Lofoten, it is as well a great starting point for mountain hikes, kayaking and fishing. From Reine we continue to the well kept traditional village Nusfjord. We then sail north to the outer side of Lofoten through the tidal current Nappstraumen and to Unstad. Unstad has become famous for surfing and here you can rent equipment or join a surf lesson or do SUP boarding. From Unstad we continue around and back to the southern side to the small island of Skrova. Skrova ranges only 281 meter above sea level, but from the top here you have a fantastic 360-degree view of the Lofoten Wall in the west, the Vestfjord in the south, and Steigen in the east. Finally, we top off the adventure with sailing into the fjord landscape Trollfjorden and Raftsundet. The trip ends in Svolvær.

Included and additional activities along the way

Along the way on this trip there are opportunities to do additional activities at the various places we land, such as surfing at Unstad Arctic Surf or Kayaking in Reine. All the included activities underway are part of the adventure. However, if you prefer to take a break in the boat and write poems or do yoga, or do nothing at all, that’s what you will do.

As on all our trips, you also learn to sail along the way. You will have challenges, feel mastery and gain experiences & friends for life!

On our summer-trips we sail in a fleet of boats. You can see pictures and read more about our boats here.

Do not buy a couch – SailNorway instead!

The very best of Lofoten


This week was really incredibly great! Very nice program, nice with both a lot of sailing and ocean - and the possibility to climb mountains. The cabin splits, watches etc. worked well. Our skipper was skilled and sympathic, and he managed to include all of us and balance our wishes and requests as we went along. Well done! Loved the trip so much that I’m considering moving to Lofoten some day!



Day 1: We meet in Henningsvær for the adventure to begin!

At 16:00 we start and get settled on board. We then go through the plan and ambition for the week, as well as important safety information and basic sail handling. Over dinner we get to know each other better, and if conditions are good we might sail already this first night to a nearby anchorage.

Day 2: Full day sailing to Reine

After breakfast, we set sail heading south towards Lofotodden and to Reine, which with its beautiful harbour is probably Lofoten’s most photographed place. This first day we have a good number of nautical miles to cover, and much to learn. Hopefully we get some good wind. On arrival in Reine, we prepare dinner on board, and hope for clear weather so we can hike up to Reinebringen, a relatively short but steep hike. The spectacular view from the top of Reinebringen is a great way to end this first day.

Day 3: Day trip to Bunesstranda, or kayaking in Reinefjord

We use the morning to explore Reine further. An obvious alternative this day is taking a small public ferry into the Reinefjord to Vindstad, and from there walk over to the beautiful Bunesstranda (the Bunes Beach). Here we can swim, do beach-games, make pancakes or just enjoy life. Keen to go higher? Next to Bunesstranda lies the peak Helvetestind which rises vertically 660 meters straight up from the beach. If it’s not too wet the hike up offers a great view. Another option today is to join a guided kayak-trip from Reine. In the afternoon we sail to our next hidden gem; Nusfjord, one of Norway’s best preserved fishing villages. Entering Nusfjord is like sailing into a postcard. This evening we plan for dinner at Restaurant Karoline, one of the best places to eat in Lofoten.

Day 4: Sail to the outer side and to Unstad Arctic Surf

In Nusfjord we enjoy a calm morning and a good breakfast on board. We then sail north through the tidal stream Nappstraumen aiming for an afternoon surf at Unstad Arctic Surf. We drop anchor at Tangstad from where we cross the hill over to Unstad by foot. At Unstad Arctic Surf we can rent surfing equipment and take lessons. Another option is to visit the Viking Museum at nearby Borg. Dinner this day is either at Unstad or on board, and we spend the night on anchor.

Day 5: Sail around Austvågøy to Skrova

After a quiet morning with a good breakfast, it’s again time for a proper day sailing. With several boats together it is always a race, and this day we navigate our way around Austvågøy and back into the more protected side. On the way we pass by Henningsvær, but continue to the island Skrova which used to be the main whaling harbour in Lofoten, due to its ideal closeness to the whales pool; the Vestfjord between Lofoten and the main land. At Skrova we hike to the top of the mountain which has great view over Lofoten, or we can check if the pub is open.

Day 6: To Trollfjorden and Trollheimen

Today we sail to the stunning area of Raftsundet and Trollfjorden, passing the islands LilleMolla, StoreMolla and Digermulen on our way. Lunch in Trollfjorden (Fjord of Trolls) will be great! This fjord has become very famous for its steep mountains that go straight down into the narrow fjord. In the afternoon we might hike up to Trollfjord cabin and get a feeling of the “trollish atmosphere” up there. Back in the boats we spend the night alongside the quay in Trollfjorden or at anchor nearby.

Day 7: Cultural experiences in Nyvågar

In the morning we will start sailing early for Kabelvåg and Nyvågar, two small towns close to Svolvær. In Nyvågar there is an interesting aquarium, a good art gallery and a museum; this is a place that really gives perspectives and new insights. In the afternoon we sail the last stretch into Svolvær. We wash and clean the boats, pack and get ready for departure the next day. As seafarers, we might check out the local nightlife.

Day 8: Goodbye for now in Svolvær!

In the morning we pack ourselves out of the boats and have breakfast at the nearby Kringla, Svolvær’s best bakery. Thanks for a great week together, and welcome back next time!

Changes to the program

The program should be seen as a starting point which we adapt according to weather and conditions. We reserve the right to constantly improve the program for the better. With us along the way, we always have dinghies for beach landings and small expeditions. We have fishing equipment for the cod, and hiking equipment for bonfires and summit hikes – we are ready for adventure, are you?!

Important info


This trip start in Henningsvær and ends in Svolvær.

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