Coastal sailing with Valiente from Bergen to Trondheim

Island Hopping in Northwestern Norway
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In SeilNorge we never stop exploring. And even back home in Norway, there are still parts of the coast that are undiscovered for us. We’ve heard rumours that there is a sailor’s paradise in the west. With clear seas, beautiful archipelagos and steep mountains straight up from deep fjords. Now we’re going on a journey of discovery along the coast of Northwestern Norway, and you’re invited along! Join Island hopping in Northwest Norway with Valiente, from Bergen to Trondheim.

Island hopping from Bergen to Trondheim

We start in Bergen, cruise north via the archipelagos of Nord-Hordaland, Sogn and Sunnfjord before we reach Måløy. The trip continues around Stad, through Sunnmøre and Nordmøre, before we finish into Trondheimsfjorden. We will both sail offshore around Stad and Hustadvika, while at other times enjoy the inshore waters between islands and in the plentiful fjords and sounds along the route. 

Mini-expedition in beautiful Western Norway

After a long expedition season, Valiente finally returns to our home country, and we continue the sailing season throughout the autumn. This trip is an excellent opportunity to see the best of Western Norway, by sail. 

This is a mini-expedition where we will explore some of the cultural and gastronomic gems up the coast. We will visit small fishing villages, inaccessible lighthouses and lively small towns. We will enjoy nature and the view, hike mountains and island peaks, and do beach landings underway. Island hopping in Northwest Norway is an experience where we get to test out the weather of the west coast. Which can offer sparkling clear autumn weather with all the colours of the rainbow, but also gales and rain with sea spray on deck and full power in the sails. In other words, we will have some action onboard!

Be part of the crew on board

If you think this will be some kind of a Hurtigruten coastal cruise, you have to think again… On our trips you are part of the crew and you get the opportunity to try your hand at all the tasks needed to make a sailing boat work as it should. You get to stand at the helm, hoist sails, cook, navigate, take a morning swim, gut fish, serve anchor dram and tie knots; the complete sailing experience!

You don’t need to be able to sail to participate. Regardless of whether you have a lot or little experience, we will challenge you so you learn a lot along the way. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to sail on a larger boat. To see the west coast of Norway from the sea, and for those that want to learn more about navigation in the dark. Or to experience a voyage with changing weather and wind under the conditions autumn offers. Welcome to an unforgettable adventure!

Island hopping in Northwest Norway is a constant journey through time where you sail past old trading stations, maritime industrial hubs and visit magnificent, proud cities built on fishing and trade, such as Bergen and Ålesund. You get this mixed with some of the world's most complicated fjord systems with settlements and farming culture in the east and an endless island archipelago with fishing villages in the west- Topped by mountains and peaks that await being climbed. If you ask me, this is Norway's greatest area for sailing. You get everything; intense nature experiences and a unique and rich culture full of adventures for everyone!

Karl Ruben, SeilNorge skipper from Bergen


Day 1: Welcome on board in Bergen

We meet at 16:00 at the quay in Vågen, in the heart of Bergen. Here we start by getting to know each other, the boat, the equipment and the plans for our week. Life onboard requires cooperation, and before departure we go through routines and procedures for emergency situations and sailing. Already this first evening, we aim to leave harbour and get a little way north.

Day 2: Utvær - Norway's westernmost point and sail to Sunnfjord

The first morning of adventure offers the crossing of Sognesjøen. To where we reach the island kingdom of Solund, Norway’s westernmost municipality. If the conditions permit, we will stop by Utvær, the last scurries on the brim of the large North Sea. From here it’s just around one day sailing to Shetland, and it is believed that the Vikings set off west on their conquest from here. We will have lunch at Utvær and a trip on land to the lighthouse if the weather permits. Further north, our voyage continues to Sunnfjord, and we aim to spend the night at Alden between Askvoll and Værlandet/Bulandet.

Day 3: Mountain hike on “Norskehesten”  and dinner in the fishing village of Kalvåg

On the island of Alden we find a famous mountain peak and a landmark, known as Norskehesten (the Norwegian horse directly translated). To get to the top, we first hike a few kilometers in, and then 480 meters up. With clear weather, we can see as far as Stad in the north, Ålfotbreen and Sognefjella in the east and the oil rigs on Gjøa, Statfjord, Troll and Gullfaks in the sea to the west. After lunch we sail past Kinn and to Bremanger. Here we find the charming fishing village of Kalvåg, where the restaurant at Knutholmen tempts with fresh delicacies from the sea!

Day 4: Around Stadt

Today will be a full day of sailing, where we will bet on good weather to get around the infamous Stadhavet. Up to Måløy and Selje, we have been able to hide in protected waters all the way from Bergen, now this luxury is over for a little while and we have to sail out offshore to get around Stadlandet. With good conditions, today’s leg is nevertheless one of the most beautiful. Where we pass beautiful sandy beaches like Vetvika, Refvika, Hoddevik and Ervik. Then we arrive at Søre Sunnmøre and pass Runde and Ulsteinvik, before arriving at today’s destination; Ålesund. This architectural and charming coastal town deserves a visit. And here we can also find something delicious both on our plates and in our glasses as we wish.

Day 5: Kayak in Ålesund and visit to Onøy lighthouse

Today we check out the possibility of a guided kayak trip around the Art Nouveau city of Ålesund. Alternatively, we can sail to Godøya and do a mountain hike up to Storhornet with a view out over Alnes and Alnes lighthouse. The voyage continues towards Molde and the Romsdal coast. Far out towards the sea here we find one of Norway’s southernmost living fishing villages, Ona. If time allows, we stop here to stretch our legs to the famous lighthouse and a short rest before we set off for a night sail around Hustadvika.

Day 6: Around Hustadvika to Kristiansund and through Trondheimsleia

We hope for nice conditions and calm seas around Hustadvika, our second offshore leap. And depending on our speed we pass Kristiansund  in the morning. Here we stop for coffee and cake, and buy some local food from the passionate chefs at Mæt & God. From Kristiansund, the city that consists of four islands, the voyage goes towards Trondheimsleia. We sail past thousands of islets and reefs around Smøla, which is home to the country’s largest population of white tailed eagles, and along the pointy peaks of Tustna island towards Romsdalen and Sunndalen.

Day 7: Bye for now in Trondheim

Depending on what the wind and weather dictate, we aim to use the last night to cover the last sea miles into Trondheimsfjorden. We pass by the small island of Munkholmen and will be in port a little after lunch. With enough time for us to pack, wash and clean ourselves out of the boat before we end the trip at 16:00 latest. Thank you very much for an unforgettable experience!

Changes to the program

The program should be seen as a starting point, which we adapt depending on weather and conditions underway. We reserve the right to constantly improve the program for the better. With us along the way, we always have dinghies for beach landings and small expeditions. We have fishing equipment for the cod, and hiking equipment for bonfires and summit climbs – we are ready for adventure, are you?!

What is included?

  • A trip experience with sailboat – experienced skipper with local knowledge on board
  • Co-skipper and crew/guide on board
  • All food we eat on board during the trip
  • Our Comfort Package, which consists of accommodation onboard in a shared double cabin (bunk or double bed) with a ready-made bed (warm and nice duvets and pillows!)
  • An environmentally friendly, local, sustainable, unique, exotic and exclusive Norwegian adventure holiday
  • A shared experience and friendship with like-minded adventurers from around the world
  • A lot of time outdoors – raw and honest nature experiences
  • Use of our shared equipment: dinghies, kayaks, fishing equipment, etc. when possible
  • All boat-related costs such as diesel, propane and harbor fees
  • Personal safety equipment; Helly Hansen inflatable lifejacket
  • Survival suit and Search and Rescue (SAR) Insurance for everyone onboard
  • Instruction, advice, guidance and practical training in boating and sailing

What is not included?

Important info


This trip start in Bergen and ends in Trondheim.

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