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5 highlights in May

1 – Arctic Awakening in the North

In May the wildlife is waking up from hibernation, there is a freshness in the air, the days are brighter, and we are ready for an arctic awakening with Ski & Sail in the world famous Lyngen Alps! Apart from kick ass skiing in stunning nature, there’s many other reasons to visit Norway in May;

2 – Norway’s Independence Day!

On May 17th 1814, the Norwegian constitution was signed, we got our own Norwegian king and detached ourselves from Denmark. The day is celebrated all over the country with parades, traditional costumes, concerts, ice cream – lots of ice cream, and games. A memorable day for any visitor and local alike!

3 – Witness the Arctic Awakening

From April the areas above the Arctic Circle get longer and lighter days and the sun sets around 22.00 and rises again around 3.30 in the morning. From May 20th the sun is visible around the clock in Tromsø! May is the prime season for waterfalls as the snow is melting and falling from everywhere. Did you know that 10 of the 30 largest waterfalls in the world are located in Norway?

4 – Midnight Sun

In the long and cold winter, many crawl into a type of hibernation mode, but in spring magic happens; the people wake up as the sun defrosts their faces and the smell of green grass and flowers hits their nostrils.

5 – Utepils

Translated “outside beer”. When you see lots of Norwegians sitting outside a bar with a beer in April/May, it’s a true sign that hibernation is over and summer is on its way! The first utepils of the year holds a very special feeling to the Norwegian people, and you should join them!

Celebrate Norway’s Independence Day with us!

17th of May is Norway’s Independence Day . The day is celebrated all over the country with parades, traditional costumes, concerts, ice cream and games. This day is a celebration for everyone, we celebrate it together with friends, family and neighbours. We often start the day with a huge breakfast, before heading out to walk in the parade. Join us on our own Ski & Sail parade!

Ski, Sail & Parade

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