ICC course

ICC course with final ICC practical test (no accommodation)

This course is for those who have sailed a season or two as crew, taken our beginner’s course or who want to expand their skills and get an ICC certificate and become more comfortable as a skipper on board. The course takes you through all theory and all exercises required for the practical test for ICC in addition to man-overboard, drift anchors etc. The course will be held in Norwegian, if not specified otherwise.

​For the best possible learning, it always pays to push yourself a little outside your comfort zone. On a course with us, we help you to challenge yourself within a safe framework. ​During the course you will be evaluated on all exercises. Great emphasis is placed on being able to steer the boat safely under sail, but especially in and out of harbor.

This course gives you confidence in taking on the responsibility as a skipper. Here you will build the confidence you need to handle a larger sailboat in busy areas and in ports.

In addition to the course, you get free access to our ICC online course and digital syllabus in advance, which gives you a good insight into what we will cover on the course. 

The theoretical exam is taken on the first day, while the practical check-out takes place on the last day, where we alternate being each other’s crew. This is an intensive course that only takes place during the day and evening (no overnight stays), where we have the main focus on the syllabus and exercises that are part of the ICC certificate, including navigation and safety with training on all ICC exercises as well as man-over- table. In addition, there will be some training on harbor maneuvering along the way.

So just to reiterate,

  • If you do not have the Boating Licence, you MUST take this first, this also applies regardless of when you were born.
  • If you have no sailing experience, this course is not for you. We recommend our beginner’s course. But should you come anyway and not meet the requirements, you will always be issued a Competent Crew certificate.

ICC is an abbreviation for International Certificate of Competence. The certificate entitles you to drive a recreational boat in other countries that have accepted the ICC as a boat driving licence.

It may also be that private players in countries that have not officially accepted the ICC will require this in order to allow rental.

To get the ICC, you must pass the national boating test, in addition to passing a practical test on a motorboat or sailboat. You must also fill in a self-declaration about health. The vessel on which the practical test is taken will be reflected in the certificate.

We recommend that you investigate whether an ICC is required to rent or borrow a leisure boat in the country you are visiting.

 Norwegian Maritime Authority

Sailing schedule:

​Friday at 17:00 to 21:00

  • Attendance after the agreed time from 17 pm onwards
  • Clarify any questions you may have
  • Brief overview of the engine
  • Examination theory par

Saturday at 10:00 to approx. 18:00

  • Go through the ICC exercises
  • Anchorage
  • Moor to buoy
  • Sailing ICC exercises:
    • sail rounding (cross – beat – cross – sail – jib – sail – sail)​​
    • furling and packing of sails
    • Man-overboard exercise for sails and engine
  • Port maneuvering:
    • Hill towards the quay
    • In/out of stalls
    • Moor longside
    • Springing off, leave on spring

Sunday 10:00 until we finish sometime in the afternoon

  • Repetition as needed on the practical part
  • ICC check-out practical part

Practical information

Syllabus, compendium and online course

On the course we go through the theoretical, but it can be a bit much at once.
You may get even more out of the course if you read through things beforehand.

  • You will find a lot of information about the practical ICC practical test itself HERE.
  • You can find the ICC online course HERE. Get in touch after registration to get a discount code for the ICC online course.
  • You can find our course compendium HERE. It’s free, but you have to log in.


​​The course takes place in the inner Oslofjord, at Kongen Marina, Frognerstranda.


The course runs over 3 days, daytime/evening. No accommodation on board.


You will probably need something to eat, bring a packed lunch. It can be long days, so in addition, you should bring something simple that you can eat along the way. We have coffee and tea on board.


We are outside most of the time regardless of the weather, so we allow ourselves to make some recommendations regarding clothing: Outerwear that is rain and windproof. A woolen sweater, tights, thick jumper, hat and mittens are good to bring. Shoes/boots that are not have smooth soles or make marks on the tires. We provide life jackets for everyone on board.


After passing the course, you will find our course certificate on “MY PAGE”, which must be used/sent to SDIR/Norsk Test for issuing the official ICC certificate itself.

Find info of the procedure here.

What’s included:

  • Our ICC online course, you will receive a discount code
  • The course compendium, our extensive online documentation
  • Lots of practice in both theory and practical exercises
  • Concludes with an ICC practical test
  • Nice days at sea, with nice people!

Recommended and necessary prior knowledge

  • The Boating License – regardless of when you were born. Bring the proof with you when you go to the course
  • Beginners course or equivalent experience
  • Completed our included ICC preparatory online course (ask us for discount code)
  • If you want to take the ICC check-out on Sunday, you must have passed the Boating License prior to the course (but you do not need this test to follow the course)

Booking ICC-course

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