ICC assessment, practical test

Most people who want an ICC certificate want to go to Croatia and the Mediterranean to sail in the summer holidays and rent a boat. More and more rental companies are requesting this certificate.

The ICC is a comprehensive test. You will do well if you have sailed quite a bit as a skipper and know navigation and boat handling. If you lack the competence, or you want to brush up on your knowledge before the test, we recommend that you take an advanced course or that we take the necessary number of hours in the boat before attempting the actual test.

To get the certificate, you must have the boat driver’s test or a course such as D5L, and complete an ICC check-out/practical test.

Seil Norge AS is approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (SDIR) as a provider of the ICC practical test. SeilNorge has several ICC examinors and performs tests in several locations in Norway. We offer this practical test on a sailboat.

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ICC – International Certificate of Competence – is a certificate that shows that you have both theoretical and practical knowledge in handling a sailboat of more than 10 meters in length. You might compare ICC to driving a car.

The certificate entitles you to drive a recreational boat in other countries that have accepted the ICC as a boat driving licence.

It may also be that private players in countries that have not officially accepted the ICC will require this in order to allow rental.

To get the ICC, you must pass the national boating test, in addition to passing a practical test on a motorboat or sailboat. You must also fill in a self-declaration about health. The vessel on which the practical test is taken will be reflected in the certificate.

We recommend that you investigate whether an ICC is required to rent or borrow a leisure boat in the country you are visiting.

To receive the certificate itself, you must submit an application form to Norwegian Maritime Authority, Sdir. Fee applies.
Read more about ICC here at Norwegian Maritime Authority, Sdir

Prior knowledge

  • Must be able to maneuver the boat according to the sailing plan. (If you are unsure, contact us for a couple of training sessions before the test itself)
  • Must have the Boating License

Preparation for the practical test

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the form that is followed during the test, so that you are sure that you can answer the questions correctly. Here you can see the form used at Norwegian Maritime Authority, Sdir (This link downloads a word document)

We also offer a ICC preparatory online course for you who want to go through what is required and be able to accompany a candidate who takes the ICC examination. We use a lot of video so that you get a good impression of what is required. You can find all our online courses here:

Information about the test

Duration and implementation

  • The test is divided into two parts and lasts at least 3 hours each person where:
  • the first part is a review of theory and practical questions regarding knowledge of navigation, boat technology and seamanship, as well as a review of boats and engines. This takes place via conversations where the examiner asks and you answer.
  • the second part takes place out on the water where you show that you can take the boat safely in and out of port, have control over the crew and carry out sailing exercises. You must also plan a route and find a safe place to anchor and show the correct procedure for this.


The actual ICC check-out on board the boat costs NOK 3500/pp. If ICC is ordered together with a course, you will receive a discount of NOK 500. The ICC practical test is then taken the following day after one of our upper secondary courses.
If you feel the need for a couple of extra training hours, we can carry this out in advance.


You must apply for the certificate itself. Here you can see the link to the application form that you will fill in afterwards.
You can find the form and all information about the procedure at SDIR here.

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Attended a beginner’s course over three evenings. Very good course that can be recommended. Had little previous sailing experience, and learned a lot more than I thought I would. With so few participants, there was time for everyone to practice what we learned several times so that I even think I will remember it. The teacher’s calmness and security were a great help during the more nerve-wracking exercises such as backing into stalls and docking at the wharf. The instructor also created a good and pleasant atmosphere on board. Recommended!


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